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A doll for a doll.

Little Hermione, by Fig&me.

Little Hermione loves dolls. Of all the toys available here in the house, for her to play with, she always gravitates towards the dolls. Dolls on beds, on shelves, in baskets, on work tables. She is very attuned to their needs, and plays with them non-stop. This attitude warms my heart really, because to me my dolls are children, and when I can see what they like or are happiest with, I just love it. So my hands turned other things aside to make Hermione a little doll.


Whenever I made a doll for one of my "dolls", I almost always use a different fabric to make their body, otherwise to me the doll ends up looking like a little sister. I know it's all in the imagination, but if the "child" and their "doll" are made with the same fabric some of that design magic is lost. Knowing this I was very hesitant to use the same cotton jersey to make her a doll, but somehow this time I just knew I had to. Lollipop wanted to be made with very stretchy fabric and to have the look of a very floppy doll. And very floppy and lanky she is, and we are all just in love with her very disparate proportions!.

Lollipop the doll, by Fig&me.

Lollipop with cashmere hair, by Fig&me.

This early morning when I introduced Lollipop to Hermione, oh my goodness! it was love at first sight. Somehow the two of them, yet so differently constructed, feel and look like they were meant to be together. I am so happy that Hermione gave me a few clues as to her little doll's design, and now I can turn my hands to adding all those little details I need to finish so that they can both find a home for themselves.

Little Hermione and her Lollipop, by Fig&me

Hermione and her little doll, by Fig&me

Hermione over here is the tallest doll I have ever made, she is 23" tall, and her doll Lollipop is 17" tall. They will both be available for purchase via auction tomorrow, but I will let you know the time and give you a link once everything is ready. We have a beautiful snowfall upon us and I think these little ladies want to go and romp outside. See you tomorrow!. 

Sweet Hermione and Lollipop, hunting elusive birds.

Little Lily and Mrs Wabbit.