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Sweet Hermione and Lollipop, hunting elusive birds.

Hermione and Lollipop love Winter, by Fig&me.

The morning turned out quite frosty and with the best kind of snow, fluffy, powdery goodness. Hermione dressed Lollipop as soon as she got up, wrapped her wee scarf several times around her doll's neck, and asked to go outside. "Not without your boots, Hermione!" suggested a friendly voice. A scruffy look, a woollen cape and a fancy ribbon later and she was all decked up to go and play.

Here they are! says Lollipop (by Fig&me).

First thing they saw intrigued them. Tracks! yelled Lollipop. A quirky smile and shiny eyes upon finding what was the beginning of their adventure. Hunting birds is serious business, and they had no clue about how elusive these little birds can be. Yet that didn't discouraged our courageous pair. Off they went, checking the progress of the wee chickens through the yard. "They came this way", or "they went under the deck" were heard many times this morning.

Lollipop seemed to find a suitable place where the chickens were hiding, yet upon closer inspection she didn't find them in there either. Those darn chickens are sure hard to catch!.

Lollipop trying to find our chickens, by Fig&me.

Hermione and Lollipop on a grand adventure, by Fig&me.

After many excursions and adventures, several snow balls thrown and a wee snowman built, these two decided to enjoy the rest of the morning by just admiring the beautiful scenery and not hunting the whereabouts of the elusive chickens. I was a bit glad, because all that running around behind them, trying to make sure they didn't got too dirty or too soggy, was getting me exhausted. They decided to watch the girls carry firewood, and every now and then they yelled some sort of instruction.

We love snow! by Fig&me.

As promised to them, we ended the day with a nice cup of hot cocoa, sprinkled with plump marshmallows. Their cheeks were a bit flushed from all the play and the cold weather, but their fingers got toasty very soon holding their cup. I asked them if they liked the snow, and they both smiled at me. It was written all over their faces: "We love snow".

Lollipop in loving arms, by Fig&me.

Velveteen and buttons on Hermione's clothes (By Fig&me).

Hermione and Lollipop are ready to meet their destiny, to find a family to belong to and start the beginning of their grand adventure. I just love them to pieces, and even though I promised to have their auction ready for today, I decided to take just one more day to play with them before they get claimed. I know I am very sentimental when it comes to parting with my dolls but I just can't help it. Every time I look at them my heart does a double flip and I go and scoop them up, toss Hermione's hair, give a cute pinch to Lollipop and try not to play too much with them because my Christmas list is still very long…and then I look at them and off I go playing again!.

Hermione, by Fig&me.

They will be available tomorrow Friday December 20th, via a short 3-hour auction, starting at 8 PM EST and ending at 11 PM EST. I have managed to put the listing up today and I hope things go smoothly this time and they find a loving home without too much hassle. In the mean time I will keep posting photos of them on Facebook because I just can't be helped. I love them with all my heart, and hope you forgive me for keeping them all to myself one more day. If you are wishing to bring them home I am providing their link below, thank you for reading about them and for following their journey.

Hermione and Lollipop's auction Friday Dec. 20th at 8 PM EST. 

Snowed in.

Snowed in.

A doll for a doll.