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Snowed in.

Snowed in.

Corners of our barn, by Fig&me.

We are completely snowed in. I love it so much it sometimes feels selfish to even look out the window. The stark beauty of this winter guides my sight and fills my heart with so much peace and energy and bliss. I wish I could somehow transport you here in this moment, and bring you with me on the little escapades I take around our house. There is so much beauty at my door step that I really don't have to travel far.

My mom is visiting us, after a long absence of almost six years. Every single moment of the day, not spent cleaning or cooking, I am sitting by her side, talking and trying to absorb as much as I can my time with her. Having your mother visit you at this age and point in time feels like such a privilege really. The little things that used to tick you off, the well-intentioned comments from your Mother, who is only trying to guide you the best way she knows or can, feels like a quiet shower of love. It is definitely enlightening for me to see my relationship with my Mother this way, instead of the one I used to have of resistance to her mothering and guidance. It is a bright day for me and my Mom.

A bright day, by Fig&me.

I have spent time with her, drinking tea in the mornings and going over every single relative and old friend's whereabouts. I just learned my Grandmother used to work as a seamstress at a store that made wedding dresses, so I guess part of that is my inheritance: the love for fabrics and doing things with your hands. I have also spent time reminiscing over the productivity of this year, and planning to write one last newsletter, to let you know a little about my immediate future plans. Always so much excitement at the end of a fruitful year, isn't it?.

Wherever you are, I do hope you also have time to reminisce over your year, your journey, the paths you took. I wish you the peaceful calm after a long wintery walk, when your face has been showered by a Sun so bright, and your cheeks have been flushed red by the winter wind, and the goodness and spiritual peace that comes from observing nature bathes you deep inside, like a hot cup of tea on a stormy afternoon. Now off I go, but will be back soon with a quiet introduction of a special lady. Good night!.

Winter white by Fig&me

I didn't do it.

Sweet Hermione and Lollipop, hunting elusive birds.