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The melting.

The melting.

It's happening. Slowly happening. The meltdown of winter and the arrival of Spring.

The birds sing to me in the mornings, so vividly, so loudly, it makes your heart sing with them.

There are leaves now at my feet on some spots, buds emerging, mud. I wanted to share with you what I happily witnessed this morning, wishing you a beautiful weekend. Enjoy!.

A lonely drop, by Fig&me

A bed of leaves, by Fig&me

Spikey leaves, by Fig&me

Everything is so wet. (via Fig&me)

Slowly falling… by Fig&me

They are alive! by Fig&me

Magic in the garden, by Fig&me

This is my kind of flooring, by Fig&me

Last year's bounty, by Fig&me

Symmetry, by Fig&me

I hope you enjoyed this calming visit. After many photos of dolls, it is always so nice to rest the eyes on the biggest and most wonderful creator, Mother Nature. 

And then it rains.

One is not a lonely number.