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Corners of my studio.

Corners of my studio.

The pins and needles, by Fig and Me. 

I thought of giving you a little sneak peek into the lovely corners of my very small, but productive, atelier. With the years, and the constant moving this family has endured, it is now speckled with presents from kind souls, bits of fabric reminiscent of past collections (which I can't fathom letting go, as one last link to dolls made long ago), new tools, and some current tenants who are paying me a visit. 

My sewing machine, by Fig and Me. 

One of my favourite shelves, by Fig and Me. 

A doll in the making, by Fig and Me. 

My Manomine fox, by Fig and Me. 

A tin pail with many patterns, not the most practical. By Fig and Me. 

Sewing threads, by Fig and Me. 

Packaging ribbons, by Fig and Me. 

My embroidery hoops, by Fig and Me. 

Cork board with my daughter's work. By Fig and Me. 

A basket of wool, by Fig and Me. 

Wool and books, by Fig and Me. 

Another pail with tools, by Fig and Me. 

A corner of my walls, by Fig and Me.

Bits and pieces of a busy life, by Fig and Me. 

How I store my circular needles and my measuring tape…lots to work on. By Fig and Me. 

As you can see, my studio is a bit of a mirror of the work it produces. Nothing fancy, nothing overly elaborate, true to its nature and close to my heart. But even though a humble set up, it is the imagination of  its doll maker that blankets the work with creativity, that infuses the dolls with magic. If you look around it there are many tassels left of dolls gone by, a labyrinthine archive of my work, and the bedecks of new dolls to come. 

I hope these shoddy images haven't turned you away, but placed a dawning interest in the machinations of a crafty mind. Hope you at least enjoyed it. 

Words to the wise.

Words to the wise.

Passing fancy.