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When procrastination strikes

When procrastination strikes

It's high time to make stuff just for the sake of it. And since summer arrived (and left for a little bit...) the gingham must come off the shelf and adorn the necks of my beautiful children. They indulge their mother of course, and aside requesting sequins here, embroidery there, and perhaps a generous dose of glitter (now, I'm afraid the bottles of glitter have most mysteriously disappeared...) they are otherwise quite happy with the product of a mere half an hour of sewing time.

Now, if you have a silly dolly who wants to welcome the summer in this most fashionable way, my friend Juliane has a wonderful free DIY tutorial and pattern for just such the thing. Please pay her a visit and indulge the dolls in the house. I used fierce determination and the shape of the circular collars I use for my doll clothes to fashion one for each of my girls. Now, if you excuse me, yes, I know I have to return to the bunnies...and perhaps use the same determination to find those bottles of glitter. See you soon!.

The wee summer babies

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