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One is not a lonely number.

Wool bow, and wool beads (via Fig&me)

One is not a lonely number. Being an only child means you have to exercise your imaginative muscles, and create worlds for you and your friends. Oh, so many friends I do have. I have brothers I have made of paper bits and forgotten napkins. I have a cousin who is made of cloth and wool. I have an entire sisterhood of little dolls, some I made with crayons, some were presents, and some others were made of mud and live in my backyard. 

Beatrice, by Fig&me.

Some people look at me funny when I say I am an only child. I am not yet sure why. I feel fine, and life is grand for me. I am really so busy, all the time, with all these relatives, and sisters and gnomes and fairies. I have to constantly tend to the babies, change their diapers and feed them. I have to make sure the toddlers don't get into any trouble around the house. The older sisters are a bit helpful, but really, I am the one who is running the show here. There is a gnome, mischief maker, who I have to keep bribing with nuts and snails, to stay away from my special puzzle and not steal anymore pieces. Then the fairies, fluttering about all day, giggling here and there, inviting me to their world where time stands still and there are no more diapers to change and no more puzzles to finish. I am a real busy girl. 

My Spring shoes, by Fig&me

In this world, people call me Beatrice. I am an only child. In that other world, I am always "Miss B". I am not an only child, I am the master puppeteer. I am the giver of water, and the tender of flocks. I am doctor and nurse. I am storyteller and grandma. I am mother and shelter. I am the hero, the brave, the constant courage. I am the creator and the spectator. I work my magic with crayons and felt boards. I enliven puzzles, and doll houses. I make fairy gardens of brimming with life and stories. I am so happy. 

Ready for adventure! by Fig&me

Little Beatrice, by Fig&me

I like flowers and oceans. Snow and mountains. I love to eat, if it has honey on it the better. I don't like to stay up late, but love to wake up very early. I love to watch the Sun wake up, and warm everything around me. The moon is beautiful but it beckons me to bed. I love snuggling under my soft blankets, knowing that my children, and my friends, my pets, my fairies and even that rascally gnome, are all well tended and happy. I sleep with a rested heart, always. Because I know I get to see the Sun wake up, every morning. 

Miss B, by Fig&me

Now, enough of introductions, I really need to go and play. See you soon, don't forget to brush my Mom always says.


Little Beatrice is such a wonder. She has made our lives sunnier, and certainly a little bit more magical by having her with us. She is a custom doll, full of stories, jokes and laughs. Just like the place she will head to when she decides she is finished playing with us. 

The melting.

The melting.

Little Pepper, the stubborn one.