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Just one more match.


A little girl, selling matches on the cold streets. Trying to warm herself up, and hoping and wishing. A child's dream. A beautiful, and painful story to behold. That is what inspired this sweet custom doll. A certain sadness, a certain loneliness, had to be part of her face and I was very respectful of my customer's wishes, since she loves this story so much, so off I went with a brave needle and made that sad face. The face of a little girl who is dying, and is afraid to go home. I have read that story many times, and I do love it, but it is something quite different to see it personified by one my "cloth children".

Sometimes the doll has a very strong voice. Other times it's the personality, the traits of the doll, that inspire me the most. Often times is the person I am making it for who sparks all sorts of ideas (and you will see it soon, in the story of another custom doll who is traveling the Atlantic Ocean aboard a boat, and a chest full of hopes!). In this case, basing the doll upon this story was very interesting for me. I have made oodles of dolls based on fairy tales, and other book and play characters, even nursery rhymes, but this one feels so utterly different, so in a league of her own, I can't quite put my finger on it. Perhaps is the sadness that surrounds the departure of this girl, or the fact that her Grandmother comes to take her (I was very close to my Grandmothers and Great Grandmothers).


Her clothes are half-way done, as she fell in love with that piece of handmade vintage insert lace, so I have to figure out how to incorporate it into her attire. Then, we will brave the tempest and hopefully get some decent pictures of her outside. We also have to find her matches, we have misplaced them at the moment (I blame the little girls who helped tousle her hair this morning...and not the mess in my work table!). I really yearn to see her dress, with boots and hat, and all of that. So it won't be long now before you can see her finished. 


Good thing is, with the weather such as it is, we are bound to get more and more snow, perfect for her photos! Sometimes things work out like that, to my total advantage. While Darcy is throwing another big tantrum at the lack of progress of her wardrobe, I think we ought to make amends once she gets to romp in the snow with our sweet Little Match girl, right? Right.

Oh yes!, she will be the kind model for a little piece of knitted goodness I plan to share soon with you. Stay tuned my friends! Good things are coming.

A snow day

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