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A snow day


Finally! A sunny Sunday, to take Little Miss Matches outside. The last buttons were sewn last night, and although we couldn't find the matches (and we were also a little afraid they were going to get lost under the snow) to bring with us for warmth, we did find her little heart-warmer shawl.

When her new mom and I were discussing the details about her, I kept having visions of a doll in dirty clothes, and somehow that was just not going to pan out. I also would never send a doll of mine, out into the world, without shoes...even though this is such an integral part of her story. Then I kept thinking, we all know what happens to her, but we don't know anything about the next leg of her journey. So there you have it, she is dressed in the way she will be dressed while in Heaven, by the hand of her Grandmother. Nothing too ostentatious, after all she is a sensible girl, but something beautiful to wear after many years of being deprived. Also pretty shoes, to warm those naked and cold feet of hers. Made of warm wool, and with pretty vintage glass buttons to sparkle and make her giggle.


We wanted her to wear something that looked old, but not necessarily ragged. So soothing neutrals were chosen for her clothes.  I made her a long smock dress, with handsewn pleats. I actually wanted to do a little smocking on the centre front of her dress, but there wasn't enough fabric, so I went instead for hand-gathered pleats, secured with embroidery stitches, to give it an age-old feel. Her dress closes on the back with the same vintage glass buttons, used on her shoes and pinafore. The pinafore is made with a heavy-weight linen and handmade button loops. I love making buttonloops like these!.

She is also wearing a pair of linen bloomers and a cozy wool bonnet. This is the first time I make a bonnet like this, and what a riot it was. Trying to achieve the "dutch" look, but also the style of those beautiful hand-draped chapeaux of the 1900s. In the end, we were both very satisfied with her hat. She likes that it has no ties, so she can fold it back, and that is so wide and big that it really gives her eyes coverage from the sun. She looks very endearing wearing it.


As a last item, we knit her a cozy and stretchy shawl to keep her shoulders warm. She likes to have her arms rather free, and so we thought this style was good for her. Good news! I actually took notes when I made the thing, and will be publishing the pattern in a day or two. Miss Matches was very kind to model it extensively for me for such a purpose, and giggles knowing that she has been immortalized with this pattern.

We both had such a good day, smelling and playing in the snow, gazing at the frozen pond, trying to find suitable spots to sit and admire the beauty of Winter. We are very, very excited to send her home to her new mom, and for them to become the best of friends. Little Miss Matches is an 18" custom figlette, and she has been made for an adult collector. I am on my way to load more photos of her in the flickr gallery, so if you would like to see more views of her visit us over there too. I hope you all day a wonderful Sunday like we did, and I will be back with news about this pattern, and also to introduce you to another sweet little custom doll, who just arrived to America after a long boat trip (and some centuries tucked away in her skirt!). Good night!


Across the Ocean and to new lands.

Just one more match.