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Caramelo, pouring sweetness.


Sweet Caramelo is a custom doll I am about to finish. Wee! the happiness of seeing them finished is quite something. Caramelo is  a first on several areas: the first doll that will be finished in 2013, and the first doll in my new collection: FolkLore. As you can see by her clothes, this collection is inspired by traditional patterns, the look of rough-homespun fabrics, lots of pattern and also lots of colour. It is proving quite fun, and difficult, to match and pull everything together. But I am loving all the dancing patterns before me.


Caramelo has a very deep, but sweet, voice. She knows what she wants. Like Darcy, she was sketched back in the Fall, and once I actually had time to sit down and work on her she completely refuse the clothes I had envisioned for her. I blame it on Darcy. She set the example. But, I gained her trust and agreed to most of her requests, and now she is very agreeable with me and perhaps finishing her boots won't be such a tug-o-war. 

Caramelo has been whispering her secret wishes to me this morning, something about wee embroidery stitches, and perhaps a funky pompom or two. Beware! She is most amusing, and has a very good sense of humour, which I think will come in handy for her knowing the home she is going to. I will tend to my flock of dolls for now, and leave you to be inspired by her cute expression. Hope you are all starting the week with lots of energy (I know I am dragging myself a little more than usual). See you soon!


And off she goes.

Darcy, Oh! Darcy...