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Darcy, Oh! Darcy...


Darcy had been waiting for a long time to come and meet everybody. I think this made her a little bit impatient, and a little bit bossy. She is also full of ideas, of her very own!. I had dreamed an entire wardrobe for Darcy, back in the Fall, and thought to myself that this doll was going to be made towards the end of that season. Little did I know, life snuck up on me (again) and here we are: Darcy is now a winter lady and demands a whole different trousseau. As mentioned many times before, I normally don't argue with the dolls (I know my place, I am only a medium) and I let them become who they are, and I follow their lead.

Since all those pretty Fall fabrics I had dreamed and selected for Darcy have been snubbed now, and since she is eagerly going through my pile of linens and wants something cozier than a shawl, I guess it will still be a while before we can see her sporting her very own clothes. This morning, a little miffed at the fact that I am a very slow seamstress (and I knit even slower!), she decided to dress herself in some of Eva's clothes (my doll). I told her she looked a bit funny with such short sleeves, but she said  she liked the colours.


Since meeting that little cloth doll, they have become the best of friends. Darcy never had a doll before. Her mom thought that giving her a doll would make her less of a modern woman (whatever that means...she had her ideas) and so Darcy spent the first years of her life with no doll of her own. Oh! but do not feel sorry for her! she is making up for lost time. And since I know that she gets what she wants, it won't be long before she has a whole group of dolls to mother, cuddle and play with.

Now, I have another little figlette here in the house, who deciding to follow Darcy's lead, is also playing hard ball. What is it with my dolls? Is this a glimpse of what is to happen all year? Sketching dolls in lovely clothes, only to realize that the darn ladies don't want me to play match-maker with the ribbons and frills? Dear me. I am in for a year full of surprises, judging by the temperament of the first three dolls this year.


So I suppose I will have to start asking them lots of questions. And maybe, just maybe, they will see that I am truly interested in whatever they have to say, and that I sit with abated breath to hear who they are, and what story they will whisper to me. Darcy is already a major hit in the playroom, since she is a tomboyish girl (don't let those silky mohair buns fool you!). She has all kinds of riddles and table games she is showing the other dolls, and today she mentioned something about digging themselves a fort in the snow outside. I better start making her some mittens!! and a hat....and maybe some cozy boots. Oh! dollmaking is so much fun!.


Ah yes! and I shouldn't forget her little doll! She is also going to need some clothes of her own, won't she? Well, I suppose I have run out of time in here, and I better start digging them more fabrics and letting them go through my buttons. I hope everybody is as excited as these two dolls, to start this year, so early and so full of possibilities. I am really, really eager to see what dolls come out of my hands, they are always a surprise to me. Have a good weekend everybody!

Side note. Darcy over here, is a custom 21" Figlette doll (and her wee cloth dolly is part of her entourage). Bad dollmaker, bad dollmaker! My apologies to those whose hearts started pitter-pattering about them. I promise to have beautiful dolls for sale later on.

Caramelo, pouring sweetness.

She sat there.