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She sat there.


Once upon a time, there was a little doll. She was made with love and kindness, with cloth and wool, and bits of this and bits of that. She was finally brought into a home, where she played for years with a nice little girl.

The girl grew up and she stored the doll, up in a box she went. She spent many years in that box, surrounded by other toys, some doll dishes and her friends the dust bunnies. Now I don't know if you have made the acquaintance with dust bunnies before, but they are ever fickle creatures. One moment they are there, being fluffy and nice, the next they turn into this big balls of misery and don't want to play anymore.

Our little doll sat and waited. Her stuffing getting dusty, her hair getting lighter. But she never failed hoping that one day the lid of the box would open up, and out she will be, to play again. She wondered and wondered, and had many dreams, about the new child she was going to play with. She wondered if she was going to have to teach nice manners, or if perhaps this new kid would finally let her climb some trees. She used to see a really big tree out the window of the room she lived before. Now all she could see was a stream of light through the keyhole of this big, big box she was in.

But what have we here! Said a nice voice. A box full of toys? I wondered if Grandma would let me keep them? I wonder if I should tell I was up here, rummaging through her things? I am going to tell anyways, because I really want to keep this box. Oh! But what is that? is that a doll? -- the voice got so excited and there was so much happiness in that tone, that our little doll felt inside her a burst of light and love piercing through. She was finally out of the box! Her dream was true. She was out to play, again.

I will let you know more about the little girl who found our friend above. She is a 21" figlette that is all over the place (as most new dolls are) and she stole this little cloth doll and I can't find them now. I think they are playing under some clean blankets, in the laundry room. They are probably whispering all kinds of secrets to each other. I won't be nosy, and instead I will let you know that this cloth doll is my new adventure.

I have been dreaming a new cloth doll for about a year now. Not a rag doll per se, but with some of that old feel: body made of muslin, embroidered face, wool felt cheeks, yarn for hair, stuffed with wool, and little oh! so very little. I haven't measured her up, but I think she is somewhere under 13" for sure. Like so many other dollmakers, every now and then we need to venture out into other dollmaking realms to keep our passion flowing.  I am so in love with her, and I am happy that Darcy will play with her. Now, off to clean the house! Thanks for coming and reading about them.

Darcy, Oh! Darcy...

A new adventure