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A new adventure

So we moved! It took a while to make the transition to a cleaner, more efficient blogging platform, but I finally did it. The reasons were many, but the main one was to make it more easy for me to post to my site.

Please excuse the mess, I am trying to clean up, find cupboards to store the new additions, such as galleries [yum!] and contact pages [wohoo!]. I am seeing the site linking already so it won't be long before everybody notices it. 

Now, one of the downsides might be that everybody that was subscribed to my blog on the old feed is not going to receive the notifications. I need to study and figure out how to send them a message! Hopefully some will have the foresight to come and see what the heck is going on, and find out that the site has changed [and therefore there is a new feed]. I need to create a mailing list for events such as these, so that all my followers are not lost in the translation. My sincere apologies for having changed things without figuring out that very important step, but I thought it was all going to blow in the same direction.

Another of the downfalls was that all content pinned, like tutorials and such, will have to be re-published so that it can be accessed properly. Not to worry, I will make a point to do this as soon as possible, and who knows, once started I might even get to create another new tutorial to share. Exciting times in the Fig&me horizon.

For those of you that have rung the New Year with me, thank you for coming! I am excited to continue my dollmaking journey, and I am already working on very special dolls [all custom, so don't get too angry with me], that I can hopefully come and show you soon. 

Thank you for all your support and kind words of encouragement during 2012; I have the highest hopes and dreams for this new 2013. And I plan to share this journey with you all. 

Happy New Year!

She sat there.