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And off she goes.


As promised, sweet Caramelo got the pompoms she wanted. She was getting a little naughty, changing her mind one too many times, but after I told her she will be attending a big birthday party next week, and that she is the guest of honour, she changed her crazy ways. For good. I do hope the naughty streak doesn't come up too often, otherwise I fear she will be sent back to me to infuse her with a little more goodness. Although, technically speaking Caramelo is all sweetness; I have clearly lost the plot over here and don't know anymore what I am talking about. How could one infuse this doll with more goodness, or sweetness? Impossible.
Her clothes, as previously mentioned, were quite the challenge. One does like to make things more complicated instead of easier. It would have all been perfectly fine to dress her in matching fabrics, but if I do say so myself: a little boring. Having a huge cork board in front of my working table, pasted with all manner of paper scraps, squares of fabric, bits of this or that, gives my hands a feeling for the sensations I want to instil in this group of FolkLore dolls. But once you get to work, then madness happens. It is a little harder to translate it to the actual clothes. But I think with this one I conquered. Hopefully I will be able to replicate it again. 


Now a little bit more about sweet Caramelo. She is about six years old, and has a deep, hands-on knowledge of domestic skills. She is proficient in mopping and sweeping. She likes to dust furniture, with a hefty rag dowsed with a bit of oil and lemon juice. She bakes scones and sourdough bread (we were trying to enlarge her repertoire but we ran out of time). She also has a penchant for folding laundry, ironing clothes and tidying up the beds. I have noticed an inclination for touching and working with fabric (she has sewn a few things), so perhaps she would be very happy if someone taught her how to embroider. Quilt by hand, maybe?. She is very industrious and cannot sit still for large periods of time, without doing something. Although she loves to read, she much rather likes to do things with her hands. She loves bees, and loves it when we called her a "busy bee".


Caramelo is a custom doll, 18" tall in my Figlette style. She is made with swiss cotton jersey, mohair cap braided into the tiniest and cutest braids. Her clothing consists of a linen blouse, with elastic-gathered puffy long sleeves, gingham binding on neckline with a wee bow in the end, and sewn-in snaps. A cotton calico gathered skirt, quite long, that also closes with sewn-in snaps. A pair of wool boots. And a matching apron and hood, made with linen, ric rac and cotton trim. The hood sports wool ties and three cutesy pompoms. She loves pompoms apparently. 

Now if you will excuse me, I need to pack this sweet little doll for her attendance to a most marvellous birthday party. Even though her clothes are working clothes, I do feel she is well dressed for the occasion. Darcy is a little sad that Caramelo is leaving the nest, but we promised to bring Eva downstairs so she can have a play mate while I finish her clothes. Although I really don't like introducing other dolls to Eva, I don't want Darcy feeling alone. Next time I come, I will show you the beautiful clothes Darcy selected as part of her trousseau. See you soon! and Bon Voyage Sweet Caramelo! You are going to have such a happy life.


Two swords.

Caramelo, pouring sweetness.