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Rowan, in progress.


As promised, here is Rowan, the sister of Little Serafina. These two are as cute as it gets, I promise. Rowan seems more rambunctious than Serafina, but the giggles are to never end between the two. Which is pretty much the same with my real children. Today we had a bit of a photoshoot, which I will bring you tomorrow, and then you will see what I am talking about. It's like GiggleMania over here. I am not complaining ( far better than the bickering that is soon to follow!).


As you can see Rowan has very long and wild hair, just like herself really. Her hair is made of wefted horse hair! How cool is that. And just as you would imagine, it is thick and vibrant and seems to have a life of its own. Rowan loves tousled braids, the messy the better. She waited patiently for me to finish her all up, and then asked me very kindly to pull out hair out of her braids. I wasn't sure what she meant, until I saw her smile once the hair was sticking out everywhere. These dolls do really have a mind of their very own.

She also got herself a face full of funky freckles! Rowan is just so sweet. I wanted to make a doll with long, black hair, but since I worked with this other wefted yak for the hair on my mom's doll (which had too much dye in it and bled quite a bit as I used it) I was rather hesitant. So I went for a fibre which is naturally black so there wouldn't be any dye issues. And there you have it, Rowan was the perfect little doll to sport some long and wild black tresses. Now if you must excuse me, I need to muster some strength to finish their clothes. I am almost done!.

My doll and me.

Serafina, in progress.