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Serafina, a handmade cloth doll.


It is getting a little hard to introduce the munchkins, especially when they don't have a last name. She doesn't care to be honest, but wanted me to set the record straight. "Tell them I am not a girl, I am a dolly, and I love hugs and felt food"--she asked me to repeat after her, she actually asked a few times. I don't think she suggested repeatedly because she distrusted me to complete her request, but she knows that this week I have been a little scattered and perhaps doubted my memory. Not to worry Serafina, I have said it all, just like you said. 

Serafina is amusing. That's the word I think best describes the emotions she stirs within me. People have called her "elvish", "fairy-like", "ethereal", "pensive", "emotional", etc. All these characteristics very tied to the water element. I wonder why? I can see some of those adjectives on her expression, but to me, she is amusing. The kind of doll that can be sat on a couch, and you can actually start to see the things she sees, through the reflection of your inner feelings. She amuses you, without having to talk, sing or play tarantella in front of you. She has been very amusing to me, and has already told me a few secrets from the secret doll realm where all my dolls come from. She says that many little dolls are starting to form there for me, and that my hands will soon be producing different dolls. I think I know what she means.

Serafina is a 17" tall Figlette, a little cloth doll made with all natural materials. Her body is very petite, and there is a lot of mobility to her long and thin limbs. She is made with cotton interlock, made specifically for this kind of dollmaking, and is stuffed quite firmly with carded, clean wool. Her hair is made with mohair, in a wefted style, which allows for a lot of styling and play opportunities. Her hair however is quite rough and crispy. I didn't have the courage to cut it, since it doesn't bother her, and it actually enhances a little the styling opportunities (you can crimp it with your fingers, and it is very "pliable"). Serafina, like all my Figlettes, has a little more sculpted features, and also has little ears. She can be handwashed, and will withstand many years of kind play. Her care instructions will be emailed to you once I ship her your way.

Serafina is wearing a cotton long dress, with puffy long sleeves, gathered at hem with elastic. The dress has gathered skirt and peter pan collar. It closes on back with three vintage glass buttons, and has very wide opposing tucks to create a support for the skirt and to make it widen up. Her red mary janes have been crocheted with red wool, and close with two wooden buttons. Her underwear is made of cotton jersey and have elastic on legs and waist for a perfect fit (she refused to be photographed in her modesty!). Serafina comes with an extra item of clothing, a simple pinafore made with cotton fabrics and wooden buttons, that crosses on back. The pinafore will help her keep her pretty dress clean and smudge free, especially when she does watercolours, one of her favourite hobbies.

Thank you so much to everybody that offered our sweet Serafina a loving home. She took her time deciding where to go, but in the end I think she made the perfect choice (one of my daughters picked the name, but we always tell the dolls it is them who choose...so as to not hurt their feelings!). She should be going home shortly if all goes well. 

Thank you again for all your support! (names of selected people are not disclosed for privacy reasons).

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