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The hand that rocks...


I know you are all probably waiting for the ladies to arrive here, but the neck business (and some knitting videos) are keeping me at bay. In the mean time I wanted to come and completely freak out about this beautiful cradle that just left the workshop. I mean, come on! I asked the resident woodworker to come up with a "simple cradle" and this is what he produced. Miraculous hands. The man has so much style, and he is obviously ten times more talented than me at his passion of choice. And now some very lucky dolls get to sleep on this. Eeeps!

Now, you obviously know that I have to make a hand-tufted mattress for it, right? Complete with a beautiful quilt, or maybe a fluffy wool-filled comforter, plus a pillow, pillowcase, maybe even a cozy bed friend for the doll to have sweet dreams. Oh my goodness! My hands, and my brain, are freaking out. Now if my neck/shoulder issue heals completely I can perhaps attempt to finish all these items by next week, and present you all with a beautiful bed and bedding available (only one! sorry!!). I just can't wait!. But alas, I have to calm down and finish Serafina and Rowan...all they need is some fiddly buttonholes on their clothes and perhaps a stitch here or there. Anyways, time to start freaking out? Now.

Serafina, a handmade cloth doll.

My doll and me.