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Patchwork dreaming.

Miss Louna has a bed! Oh yes, she does! My fabulous husband made her one, and we have all been contemplating the bed and wondering what Louna was going to request for it. Being a gypsy girl she is naturally inclined to soft fabrics, and lots of pattern, so armed with courage and a ruler, off I went. To cut lots of tiny squares, in hope of creating a cozy duvet for Louna, and maybe a few pillows.

But this girls is never quite satisfied, now she says she needs more pillows, and maybe another blanket, and perhaps some pyjamas to go to bed. When will the requests end? I really have no problem saying yes, other than the worries of her box beings so heavy that we will end up causing injury to the poor post man who is asked to deliver this box to her future owner. Dear me, come to think of it, this is going to be a pretty heavy box!.

Now, we have been tagging along, quietly of course, with a 30-day challenge that my friend Ella has been coordinating. The month of March was the month to try natural dyes, and knowing that the last two weeks were going to be full-blown easter egg dye-baths, I decided to start bright and early and dyed all the fabrics for Louna's beddings with tea (Orange Pekoe to be exact). The satisfaction I get from the smallest things, seriously!. Seeing the fabrics I have already loved in their "normal" shades, change to a soft hue was mesmerizing, both to me and my children. I just love the way tea enhances certain colours, mutes everything and gives it such a mellow appearance. I love it. The only fabrics that weren't dyed were the solid linens I used, just because they were a last minute addition to bring a bit more colour to her bedding.

The mattress is made with a vintage Anjou tapestry fabric, it is so beautiful I almost didn't want to share it. For real. I love thick woven fabrics, where you can see how the weft and warp interacts and creates designs. This one is particularly awesome, and it has such a nice feel. As soon as Louna spotted I knew I was doomed to share it with her. Oh well! That's the reason I keep buying fabrics I guess. To top it all off, everything is stuffed with wool. I just love stuffing bedding and pillows with wool. Such a wholesome feeling.

Now I really have to go to bed. Louna wants to show, and tell, everybody the episode about the school, and I need to close my eyes for a little bit and stop playing with her. Good night!.

Off to school.

A little gypsy.