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A little gypsy.

On the roof top of a craggy mountain, Louna was born. Surrounded by the sound of sheep and thunder, cuddled by the warmth of wood and the fleece of loving animals. She was provided for and loved. She was born into a family of gypsies, wandering souls, never quite settled anywhere, but that was OK with her as she got to enjoy the sea-like hopping of the wooden carriage she travelled in.

The light will peek through the crevices, and Louna called them fairy lights. She loved to move things around so that the sun shone directly on them and amplified the sparkles. Then she would giggle, like only she knows how to giggle. Her Grandmother's cats always love to travel on her lap, because being the happy girl that she is, her giggles made them happy. The up and down movement of her belly, full of happiness and laughter, would make those cats expand with contentment, and the purring was non-stop. Happy life.

Louna travelled mostly alone with her Grandmother, who earned her living by making potions, curing ailments and mending. Fortune telling was not to be meddled with, and she always instructed Louna to be very respectful of the Magic in the world that surrounds us. Louna knew about Magic first hand, witnessing many wonderful things on her travels, animals conferencing their troubles with her, plants telling her their secrets, she felt more at ease in the company of the animals and plants than with people...always with their hurried voices and troubled looks! people were a bit of a mystery to Louna. She didn't like to play with other kids so much, she never really learned how, but she loved to gather children around her and tell them stories. Not made up stories, like the ones sometimes you read in books, real stories! Stories about moon faeries who love to make things grow, about dormice knights and ants' escapades. She had quite a repertoire, her favourite ones were always the ones about the cats. She loved one marmalade cat, that sadly passed away quite a while ago, but she still told many stories about him, and the kids would squeal with delight when hearing how adventurous and smart he was.

Louna's favourite colours are pink and brown. Luckily for her, Grandmother knows quite well how to sew for her whatever she wants. She is also very good with the "knitting sticks", and made Louna this beautiful dress with the softest wool she could find. Louna wears it almost every day, and is very careful not to play in the brambles or go near thistles so she doesn't ruin it. Her gypsy skirt was made with a very old piece of linen fabric Grandmother got as payment for her services at a very old farm; the farmer's wife had been very ill and mostly needed a bed nurse, so Grandmother helped the woman get better and she in returned paid her with this fabric, which she had gained from her own mother. Louna was very happy to be the end recipient of so much generosity!.

Louna loves to help making potions, but mostly gathering the materials that her Grandmother needs: blackberries, nettles, burdock, catnip, wild ginger, plantain, yarrow, arctic willow, juniper...but rose hips were her most favourite. She collected the flowers in the summer, and dyed almost everything she could lay her hands on, and then gave the rest to Grandmother for her potions.

Although Louna grew up with her gypsy Grandmother, they did at times lived for longer periods of time in certain villages. One of these times Louna had the brilliant idea of asking her Grandmother to put her in school. She wanted to see what the fuss was all about, and wether she would like it or not. Grandmother got very excited at the chance to make Louna "proper school clothes", because Louna never wanted to wear anything but her "giving skirt" and her knitted dress. So tomorrow we will tell you all about Louna's adventure in school, and show you the clothes Grandmother made for her. 

PS. For those asking how Louna will be sold: I haven't decided yet! She will go here as a comment-style sale, or she will be sold via auction. When I make up my mind, I will let everybody know. Thank you so much for your patience.

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