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Saucers of milk.

Busy bee, she is, this little doll of mine. I shouldn't probably call her little, but Mademoiselle Tall and Beautiful (she is after all 21" tall). But Louna doesn't like to be called that, she prefers Loulou or just Louna. As you probably can tell, she is a bit finicky, this doll of mine.

Louna spent a lot of the day writing up some stories for you, however we got a little sidetracked at around noon. We decided "school work" was done, and we should then tend to more appropriate matters, like sewing her underpants. Most important item of clothing (and one that some of my dolls seem to lack way too often!).

Louna chose this creamy cotton knit for her underwear, she said it reminds her of the big saucers of milk she leaves every morning for her Grandmother's cats. She loves those cats. Louna can talk with them in feline gibberish, and can pretty much tell which way they are feeling, who they have met, if they have been really good or if they have been naughty little cats. I guess all these children of the moon, Louna and the cats, have a likeness and an affinity. I myself, am more inclined to dogs, and horses.

With a snowy day, her Mamă cats fed, my children at work building a fort, and the husband away, this girl and I got to work quite a lot. Mostly on the little details that her clothes require, things that remind her of Grandmother, of her travels, the things she has seen, the places she has visited. She is getting a little nervous that her wooden toy chest will be too full to travel cheaply, but I keep telling her those are not matters of the heart, but of our pockets, and we cannot let them dwindle our enthusiasm!. We feel she should have three outfits, and we should work on those three outfits. I've said my piece.

Now, if the rest of the week cooperates with us, we should be able to bid adieu to this lovely girl by the weekend. Patience please, you know that I always try my best and my hardest, but the dolls are fickle and they change their minds and ask for more things, or different shoes, or more of this and less of that. 

If she finishes her story, we shall come back tomorrow to show you what a good storyteller she is. You will be able to hear all about the wagon cart, the ponies, the cats, the robin that visits, the mouse that leaves crumbs all over the place, her favourite blanket, and her pillows of dreams.

You probably can tell that Louna has a very different head shape and some extra details not normally found in my regular figlettes (although not the first time I have added such details to my dolls). We are experimenting designing a future playful art doll, and Louna wanted to be the first one to see these changes come to be. Wether this new doll happens or not, I think Louna is an extremely unique doll, a true one of a kind. The inspiration for her heart-shaped face comes from one of my daughters, the mischievous one. She has a dimpled chin, higher cheeks, a nose with a bridge, deep set eyes, pouty lips, and chubbier ears as well. Her toes were just a sprinkle of fun. All these details give the doll, in my opinion, and older look and therefore she is a doll meant with quite an older child, or adult, in mind. Her clothes will also reflect that. More soon!.

A little gypsy.

Are you ready?