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Are you ready?


--Louna, are you ready to meet these people?

--No. I am not.

--But why? they are nice people and they want to meet you. They have been waiting for a long time to see you, they want to know all about you.

--But I am different, and I am nervous. I do have hysterics sometimes...you've said so.

--No, you just get very cranky because you don't eat at your proper meal times. But you are not hysteric. You are just too busy and forget to eat sometimes. Besides, why are you nervous?

--They might not like me. I look so different from your other dolls, the ones that live here, the ones you have shown me on your album.

--Oh Louna! Is that what is troubling you? You are such a silly doll! It doesn't matter if "people" don't like you, you are a doll made after my own heart and you and I know our secrets. Who cares what people think? It is ok to be different. I am different too.

--It is just...it's just that I am tired of going all over the place, with my gypsy grandmother. I wish to find a home where I can make friends, and tell them about my travels. We are always moving, and is hard to keep in touch by mail. Sometimes I am afraid for our cats, that they are going to get lost in the new surroundings. I do love to change scenery, I do. But, sometimes a doll just needs to stay put, and have the same spot every day...just sometimes.

--Well, you needn't worry about such things. We are not far from trying to find you a home, and you know what? Let me tell you a secret. My dolls are extremely lucky little creatures, and they always have a knack for finding the most perfect home for them. Sometimes they do travel, little vagabonds they are, but sometimes they just like it so much where they go that they stay there forever. I am sure there is such a home for you out there, so you shouldn't worry.

--Do you promise I can stay here if you don't find me a new home?

--But Louna! Of course you can. I actually was thinking about it, but you know Eva and her crazy ways. I promised her that we were going to figure out if we could find you a home, and that only as a last instance you were to stay here. But, if you don't want to, you don't have to go...

--Oh no! I do want to find a home for myself...it's just I am nervous about it. It's all a bit uncertain, isn't it? Do you think they would like it if I tell them a story? I love to tell stories...I am always dreaming new ones.

--Of course they would love to hear your stories! Why don't you go and write me one now, and tomorrow we can write it up here for everybody to read. I am sure we will have a captive audience. Now go on, go and grab your pencil and your book, and write me a story.

As you can see, Louna is quite the dreamer...and worrier. We are both trying to finish all her clothes so that we can go outside and venture into this weird Spring weather. In the mean time, I leave you with this Pinterest board, which I use as a mood board to inspire me to create Louna Tumbleweed, my gypsy girl. More soon.

Saucers of milk.

A box full of treasure.