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Miss Louna Tumbleweed...ready to fly.

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Louna is finally ready to find her home. I know it took forever, and believe me when I say I know. It is me, who has spend many sleepless nights, many early mornings, sitting and working on her. It was me who dreamt of her once, and the idea slowly progressed into the doll that you now see. The process of creating this doll has been long, hard, extravagant and fruitful. I have been so inspired, from the moment I dreamt of her, to the moment when I laid my eyes on her face, that to say I feel the greatest sense of accomplishment would be the biggest understatement. I do not only feel pride, but I feel so much love for this doll and what the world teaches me every time I make one. I feel so happy to do what I do.

Louna's sale will be an auction that will take place for a period slightly longer than 24 hours. I know it is short, but my energy levels and nerves do not allow for longer period than that. The auction will start tonight at 9:00 PM EST and end tomorrow Monday 25th at 10:00 PM EST. The beginning price for her auction is $350USD, which mainly covers some of the materials that went into creating her, and very little for the many hours that I have spent making it all.

Louna's bed and bedding is NOT included in the auction. After many emails, and many questions from other figlette owners, I have come to the decision of offering Louna and all her clothes up for auction, and leaving her bed and bedding to be purchased by the winning bidder if that is their choice. If they do not wish to additionally purchase the bed and bedding set, I will then proceed to list them in my Etsy shop for the set price of $220USD, which consists of the wooden bed, mattress, duvet, and two pillows.

The last outfit that Louna requested was a fancy dress, to celebrate the upcoming Easter I suppose. It is made with cotton batiste, design tulle layers as overskirt, one of which is hemmed in this pretty heart cotton trim. The dress is quite long, and closes on back with two mother of pearl buttons. The bodice has a lovely piece of batiste lace. She also has a little smocked wrist band, that also closes with mother of pearl buttons and handmade button loops. Her mary janes are made with alpaca yarn and close with two little peach buttons. Very simple dress, but very elegant. Just like Louna.

Louna is a doll that comes with many items of clothing and a vintage wooden toy chest, small parts abound. Therefore she is not recommended for a young child, and was created more as a collector's doll than a child's toy. Even though Louna is extremely sturdy for play, the items and clothes she comes with make her unsuitable for a small child. Louna also has a more mature appearance, she represents an older child, who still believes in magic.

If you would like to bring Louna into your home, the bidding will take place over here:


Once there is a winning bidder we will wait and see wether they choose to purchase the bed and bedding, if not, I will announce here the time and date in which her bed and bedding will be available for sale. Please sign up to follow my blog through bloglovin' and do not forget to adjust your email notifications in your profile, so you do receive an email every time I write a blog post. The link to follow through bloglovin' is listed first thing on the top bar called "subscribe".

Thank you to everybody that has written to me about Louna. Your words have brought me joy while creating her, and have given me much food for thought. I am very excited to see where Louna finds her home, so that she can stop being the little gypsy.

Thank you!

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