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She moves with the mist.

My little elven lady, by Fig&me

Are you an elf or are you a fairy? Can you make up your mind, please? 
About a month and a half ago I made this little fairy. She was supposed to be the Spring bearer and make everything around me sprout and green to come up. But she played tricks (like all fairies do I suppose) and she just didn't want to play ball. Being the mean doll maker that I am, I sat her in a pretty corner, gave her books and refused to talk to her all this time.

Little fairy, by Fig&me

Willow, by Fig&me

Then this week she started talking to me, showing me all the beautiful flowers she is growing, the buds on the trees, the chartreuse popping up here or there. So now we are in good terms again and I can proceed to clothe her.

She had a change of heart I believe. First she told me her name was Galia…now she says her name is Willow. I am starting to see a pattern with this girl and I think she has a fickle heart. One day she is a fairy with moth wings, the next she wants dragonfly wings…last night she said butterfly. Oh! for the love of Pete! make up your mind!!.

Little Willow, the fickle fairy (by Fig&me)

Misty Willow, by Fig&me

I have decided to call her Misty Willow, wether that is her true fairy name or not. Because she is like the mist, you see her and then you don't. You try to reach for her, and then there is nothing there. 

Misty Willow is a 19"/20" fairy (or elf?) figlette doll, that will become available as soon as I am done with her clothes. She will be available comment style here on the blog. Thank you!.

Magical creatures.

What are dreams made out of?