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Magical creatures.

With a nest on your head, by Fig&me

I have always found magical creatures to be rather flaky, you know? One day they want one thing, the next they are all over it. Must have to do something with "going with the flow", a thing that nature creatures are very adept to do. Misty Willow is no different.

Nest full of eggs, by Fig&me

Hiding from me, by Fig&me

Doing morning stretches, by Fig&me

Like for example, yesterday she refused to wear any clothes. A bit understandable as the weather was truly glorious, and I always have a hard time figuring out why dolls would like to wear clothes when they are so beautiful in their birthday suits. But then again, she has so many chores to do in the forest, that perhaps being properly clothed is not such a bad idea. We don't want the word to get out that fairies go about their responsibilities all naked!.

Wool nest with dry moss and speckled eggs, by Fig&me

Sitting on a branch, by Fig&me

Waiting for buttons, by Fig&me

Lucky I am that her wardrobe is nearing completion and she can go about finding a family, hopefully one that lives close to a wooded area, or at least a meadow. She needs flowers around her, and lots of bubbling sounds. She is particularly fond of woodpeckers.

Long linen jacket, by Fig&me

Little Misty Willow, by Fig&me

In her flower dress, by Fig&me

Her jacket is done, and so are her dress and wings. All we need to tend about are her boots. She will be ready to find her family tomorrow, and will be open for comments for the duration of the day. But first I have to go and figure out her boots. Hope everybody starts the week full of inspiration, fun chores and maybe a magical creature or two.

Misty Willow, the fairy.

She moves with the mist.