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Well, hi!


Yes, hi! Sorry to have had disappeared most of the day, but yesterday was such a whirlwind with Louna's auction and the emotions that always happen when one is confronted with not only the generosity of those out there that love my dolls, but from all the support and encouragement I receive via emails while the auction takes place, and once it's over. It is definitely a very funny business, and we always need copious amounts of fresh air, and chocolate, to assimilate the experience.

Yesterday we decided to spend most of the day out of the house, so I wouldn't be tempted to be looking at the auction (I have forbidden myself from doing so in previous occasions). We spent a glorious day actually: first doing a bit of Spring cleaning outside, sweeping our tiny piece of front yard, girls gathering some sticks for a bonfire (not gonna' happen' girls, sorry!), then we decided to go down town starting with a lengthy visit to the library. Books and magazines and DVDs were taken out, wonderful books about heirloom and couture sewing techniques for Mom, fairy tales and early chapter books for the girls, plus some woodworking material thrown in there for the man of the house. We headed towards the lake to visit the geese and wood ducks and had a nice lunch. Back home, much reading and crafting, and making dinner, and what not. By the time I came downstairs the auction was over, Louna was extremely excited telling me all about it (apparently she was logged on the computer and was able to follow closely), and she kept asking where was she going...where was she going? Was she going to be able to travel with her bed?


Yes Louna, yes! Your new family has graciously requested to purchase your bed and bedding, and yes, you will be traveling soon (but not too soon, we gotta say good-bye first) to your new home, where you will have loads of fun in the company of great ladies who love to play with dolls. Louna is extremely happy at the turn of events, and has already started packing a little, although I suspect she wants to bring a few more things with her by the time she leaves.

I wanted to come and let you know that the bed and bedding set won't be available for individual sale, and also to thank everybody who comes to read my meandering dollmaking paths, who support me with their kind comments, and who keeps encouraging me to create from a place of wild abandon. Louna has given me a lot of inspiration to follow winding roads, and has also encouraged me to be fearless. Thank you.

Three times a charm.

Miss Louna Tumbleweed...ready to fly.