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Three times a charm.

This week I am back to work...not that I haven't been sneaking up work here and there, after all, working on dolls is almost like an indulgence for me. I was so exhausted mentally and physically from working on Miss Louna, that I had to take a wee break to let my hands and my mind rest. Louna is still here with me, but we are ready to say good-bye and to send her home to her new family. In the mean time, these trio of lovely girls is keeping me busy and is keeping my mind off the fact that I need to pack Louna and say good-bye.

After a fabulous weekend with wonderful weather, we woke up today to a little bit of snow. Now it doesn't bother me, but the dolls (and the children of the house) are getting restless. They do not wish for sweaters and boots, they want to wear spring dresses and bows and summer shoes. Although in good conscience I cant let my girls wear that just yet, I think I can appease the dolls by making them some spring outfits. These three little dolls will be dressed in what I consider a spring wardrobe, and they will be all for sale in a couple of days (on my Etsy store). They measure 13" tall, and the ones with wefted hair will be more expensive. Prices, date and time, when they are ready, which won't be long. I am halfway done with their clothes, I just need to gather some patience to make them all shoes. I hope you enjoyed the weekend, and see yourself making plans for the wonderful season upon us. 

Three Little Kittens...

Well, hi!