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Three Little Kittens...

These three little kittens have lost their mittens, especially needed today since we got about five inches of snow...slowly melting thank goodness!. They are also quite particular, they all exchanged clothing.

-"I want that dress, please make a bow"...says one

-"I need the bloomers to be able to sit on the sand"...says the other one.

-"Can somebody please let me have the pants? I like to play in the teeter totter!"...says one more.

-"Alright! Alright!! you can choose whichever outfit you desire, as long as you are all dressed, hair combed, teeth brushed and no sticky hands! I need you ready for tomorrow, because we are going away for a few days and you need to find homes before that." Said the dollmaker.

I am off to the flickr Gallery to plaster more photos of them, in the mean time here are the particulars: All dolls are of the 13" tall variety. The brunettes have wefted mohair for their tresses, so their price is $275 USD, the pink girl has mohair boucle in an amazing length, and she will be $220 USD. They are all wearing a two-piece outfit and wool shoes with wooden buttons. These dolls are appropriate for a child 4+, who can manoeuvre small arms, pants and things of that nature. There are also buttons and small hair clips that can pose a choking hazard so please be mindful of this. All prices are subject to shipping charges.

These three little dolls will be uploaded to my Etsy store tomorrow morning, Thursday April 4th at 9:00 AM EST. See you soon! I really need to pack!.

City Mouse and Country Mouse

City Mouse and Country Mouse

Three times a charm.