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Ten Little Lambs.

Ten little lambs, by Fig&me

My apologies for taking so long with the wee lambs, but as usual, other dolls get in the way. Without further ado, here you have them, all available comment style. No restrictions except: only comment if you are personally interested in bringing one home, and you can only purchase one (but you can submit your comment on as many of them as you wish to increase your chances of getting one). 

Mellie Friesian, by Fig&me

Like all the Wee Babies, these little lambs are made with repurposed cashmere sweaters (the grey ones are made with a cashmere/angora blend), stuffed to a gentle squishness with clean wool. They have a lightly sculpted head with embroidered eyes and mouth. Their rosy cheeks are blushed with beeswax. They are soft toys for gentle hands, not appropriate for children under 3. 

My little lambs, by Fig&me.

Little Claude Soay, by Fig&me.

Noni Herdwick and Sandro Cameroon, by Fig&me.

They all measure about 8.5" tall approx. and come with their plush hand knit overalls made with 100% wool yarn, and close on their back with two ties. These are hand washable toys, that need to be laid flat to dry. 

Little Tom Welsh, by Fig&me.

Little Bertie Charollais, by Fig&me.

The little lambs, by Fig&me.

Little Cedric Lincoln, by Fig&me.

Kasja Gotland and Kai Targhee, by Fig&me.

If you would like to bring one home, please fill in your details in the form below. Their individual price is $120 USD plus postage charges ($8.50 US, $10 International, $12 Canada). I will leave the form open until tomorrow Tuesday April 22nd, at 6 PM. I will close the list then, and select people at random to purchase each doll and send them an email and a paypal invoice. Payment is due the same day. You can comment on as many as you wish, but you will have to submit the form (and refresh the site) for each doll. 


Little Tasha Cheviot, by Fig&me.

Three little Wee Babies, by Fig&me.

Little Tom, by Fig&me

Little Kasja Gotland, by Fig&me.

All so pretty! by Fig&me

I wish you all good luck, and I will see you tomorrow. I hope all these Wee Lambs find a loving home where they can play and be snuggled. See you soon!.

Gently rock the baby...

And then it rains.