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A little balm.

A little cashmere balm, by Fig&me.

Most of you know my Mother was visiting, after a very long absence of almost six years. She left yesterday and I do have to say I miss her so much already. It is funny how the relationship with your Mother changes through the years. From this ocean of love and comfort who rubs your skinned knees and makes you warm tea with toast when you are sick with a fever, to a General you must endure when you are a teenager and trying to sneak out of the house at midnight (ehem!). Then you become sort of like friends in your early adulthood, someone who has opinions you don't always agree but it is a very civil relationship of sorts. With small children under tow the opinions get stronger, you examine your childhood, the things you want to change and those you want to never repeat, to those you wish to continue instilling in your progeny. 

Now I find myself seeing my Mother from a different point of view. Not one of "endurance" or "admiration", but one of complete acceptance. I know her so well and can see her dark spots and where they come from, and also see the amazing light that shines within. I loved every minute of having her here with me, and I hope she returns very soon. It is one very funny thing to feel "mothered" when you are so used to being the one in that position. 

My mother learned to make dolls while she was with me. I guess the amazing pile of fibre, wool and fabrics surrounding me, the constant chat about dolls, and Hermione and Melina specifically, inspired her. She decided to start easy and went about making a few of those Wee Babies you all love. She has an eye for quality work and I learned a thing or two from her. She kept browsing one very large book about Gnomes we have at home, which we had to let go because she just couldn't put it down, and has a very determined plan to create a few dolls herself. I am so excited for her, because I know how doll making has changed me, and I expect she will reap so many benefits by letting her constant creativity flow through a doll. 

So, I will have a few of the dolls she made up for sale in a day or two. I will have to keep one for me, to remind me of this special moment we shared, and because Eva keeps nagging that she doesn't have one yet.  I expect to load them in the store on Wednesday morning at 9 am EST and then I will have a larger group I have finished myself by the weekend, some of which will be available for purchase here on the blog comment-style for new families who do not own a Fig&me Wee Baby yet. After that, I do hope I can introduce my three first dolls of the year, but for now we turn our eyes to those little balms of cashmere embrace, it feels nice to hold them in my hands and remember my Mom working on them by the window. 

Hope you have a fantastic week!.

This morning...

Simply Baby Bonnet, a free knitting pattern.

Simply Baby Bonnet, a free knitting pattern.