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Melina, the story weaver.

Melina, the story weaver. By Fig&me

The temperatures kept on dropping and Melina kept looking out the window. I  knew she wanted to go and see our chickens, the barn, the beautiful trees, to feel the wintery wind on her cheeks…so I had no choice but to take her out. I tried to bundle her as much as I could, and out we went.

We took a little stroll, got to see some fancy foot work on the snow, wondered about the poor chickens, and after paying them a visit and half-frozen we came inside. Warming up to the sight of our wood stove and drinking hot cinnamon tea, Melina started to tell me a story. It seemed as if the winter whites had inspired her.

My winter girl, a Mannikin style doll by Fig&me. Wearing victorian lace and merino clothing.

Winter solitude: Melina on the snow. A Mannikin style doll by Fig and me.

Melina in her winter clothes, a Mannikin style, natural fiber art doll by Fig and me. Wearing victorian lace and Merino clothing.

Have you ever heard of the wintery lands of Mangtugnap?, she asked with her silvery voice. No, I can't say I have, I replied while sipping my tea and letting the steam fog my glasses. Oh well that's too bad because it really is a wondrous place Fabs, she retorted, I am sure you would love it there. It is governed by the fair King Ludoviko, who has three beautiful daughters who enjoy their winter country and bring much joy to the people. King Ludoviko designated an entire month of the year to celebrate the princesses' birthdays, which in fact nobody really knows when it happened, and being outside in this kind of weather, reminded me of those cold but merry celebrations. 

You see, the Princesses were born out of magic. King Ludoviko never married, as he was much too busy caring for his people, keeping peace and keeping fit of course. He was never a man to entertain out of frivolity but rumour has it his parties were "royally marvellous". Illustrious and dignified guests came from faraway lands and were entertained, dined and waited on, while King Ludoviko made strong alliances that kept his kingdom out of trouble. But he never did find a special someone in those crowds, you know what they say about these things. So one day, while riding his favourite horse through the dark passages of the Champlain Forest, he lost his way and came upon a clearing. The sun was shining through the trees on one specific part, a little well in the middle which seemed to be shining from within. 

Melina in her little boots, a natural fiber art doll by Fig and me.

Melina and her wild hair, a Mannikin style natural fiber art doll by Fig and me.

It is said by the people of Mangtugnap that the Princesses sometimes leave the land. They travel together to faraway  places, not available to common folk by train or bus, or horse carriage even, not even by flying birds. They travel to magical lands, where they dote on people who need a little bit of magic in their life. You are a doll maker Fabs, I am sure with your wintry scenes you can call them to visit you. Perhaps they have already been here, have you ever seen them? 

Now that you mention it Melina, I think I have. I have a vision of three girls, sisters you see. Princesses from a long lost land. Could it be true that I have really seen them? Is that what I do? Do I call on the magical souls of folk to give shape to the ideas of the dolls I create? That, in some strange way, feels true to my heart. A part of me really believes that.

Little Melina at home, a Mannikin style natural fiber art doll by Fig and me.

As you can tell, Melina is full of stories. Some of times long ago, some more recent ones. She has made my heart unbelievably happy, and every time I make a mannikin a part of my heart grows a little. There  is something just so special in their size, their face…I don't really know how to describe it. 

As previously mentioned, she will be held for sale via auction. Her listing is here and she will be open to bids for a period of two hours, from 9 PM EST to 11 PM EST on Saturday January 4th.  My biggest wish is that she brings her magic wherever she goes, and that someone else's heart grows a little bit bigger by playing with her. 

Thank you for reading my stories and following my work. If you would like to see other dolls like Melina, please check out this gallery of Mannikin dolls

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