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Afternoon delight.

Little Miss Pensive, by Fig&me

Those sweet and heart-melting eyes of her have super powers. They stir all sorts of emotion in me, all sorts of memories. They are a bit like a tibetan bell, as soon as I see them the reverberations of their song start evoking things within me. I do try to keep to my work, hand-sewing the waist of her skirt, adding a little bit more lace here or over there, and when I measure her…there goes another hour. Just staring at her. Some dolls are that powerful. They entrance the doll maker and we must follow.

Dressed in cream, by Fig&me.

Yes Melina, I will sure add some feminine pin tucks to your blouse. No problem. You want the neckline to be bound with self-bias?, sure!. Fluffy and gathered sleeves, short you say? alright. Victorian handmade lace on your under skirt and beautiful japanese torsion lace on the upper one, got it. Hand dye all your fabrics with tea? Absolutely. A little braid? excuse me, but I was just thinking of that myself! Your hair is so luscious, and for day-to-day adventures you sure need to tame it, right?.

Now, dressed like this you evoke images of the past. Are these clothes your Sunday best, or are you a fancy girl who wears such garments on a daily basis? You say this is just your most elegant get up. I see. Well, you look elegant indeed but not stuffy. You hate stuffy, don't you? Is a word you have been whispering quite often when I have offered you lace, silk, velveteen and other materials. You chose this humble gauze fabrics, and went for a muted but not boring, look. You should stay here with me and be my Atelier advisor, you have such a knack for putting things together I must say.

Looking down on her gauze attire, by Fig&me

Those blue eyes, by Fig&me.

Yes, I am with you on this one. That cashmere/lambswool knit would look positively marvellous. And such a funky, yet tasteful drape. You can be a magical gnome girl, a wash lady, a peasant, a farm girl, a more modern art student with a dash of romantic bohemian spirit. Oh! so much to draw from with these clothes you are picking, I am so excited to see you choose! What next?.

Very bright, afternoon delight. By Fig and me.

Well yes, this afternoon sun is a bit bright, isn't it? Such a shame that is so cold outside and you still with no boots. Must remedy that soon. I promise I will listen and will work steady to finish your clothes, you seem so intent in finding a family soon. Won't you stay here with me just a little bit longer? What's that? Doll duties? Must spread the love? Share the wealth? Face the future? Oh yes, I suppose...

Lovely shadows and a curvy braid, by Fig&me.

I am thinking that Melina will have to be auctioned. I have tried to be more expedite and efficient when creating Mannikin dolls so that the hours of labour are shortened and I can finally put a retail price on these ladies. As it is, I still can't. I am a bit embarrassed, to say the least, to let you know how long I work on them and all that it entails to create one of them. Needless to say, I will eventually master their creation and be able to offer them at a set retail price comment-style in the coming future, but once again with this my very third Mannikin I will have to let my customers decide. If I could I would have three dolls sitting with me in my studio, but I am happy when I know that the other two are so loved in their homes that I know for sure sending this one out into the world will make someone equally happy. I will let you know all the details when she is finished. Thank you for reading my quirky conversations with Melina. 

Melina, the story weaver.

I didn't do it.