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I didn't do it.

Little and sweet Melina, by Fig&me

"I promised it wasn't me". The tiniest, sweetest little voice came out of those pouty pink lips. What am I to do with this one? She has been prodding the back of my head for months now, wanting to be born in the real winter, when snow abounds and she can wear the proper clothes for it. 

Every night, lying down to what is meant to be a restful sleep, only to be taken by the hand with her sweet demeanour, taunting me, not letting me concentrate, asking and telling…ah! the life of a doll maker, and especially the dreams, are populated with these little beings of light and wonder. No point in telling others what is already known: we are all out to lunch!.

Longing and dreaming my sweet Melina, by Fig&me

Little Melina, a Mannikin doll by Fig&me

Little Melina is a mannikin doll, that is a 16.5" tall, wool-sculpture doll with an all-articulated core that allows her to be posed and moved about. She is waiting on all those sweet clothes she whispered to me, and then she should be brave enough to face her destiny. Rumour has it she wants to greet the new year with a family in her pocket. We shall see!.

Completely and utterly in love! by Fig&me

Afternoon delight.

Snowed in.

Snowed in.