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Nouveau and her magnificent bench.

Nouveau by Fig&me

Oh, those afternoons! the ones that stay deep in your memory, with bold ink in the book of your life. Afternoons shared with friends, or family. Climbing trees, discovering crawling life under a sprig, little screams of delight. Jumping on puddle pools, playing toss with your puppy, the air ripe with the scent of wet grass, of moist earth, of the wind through young leaves.

Ash and cherry doll chaise lounge, for Nouveau. By Fig&me.

Nouveau, by Fig&me

At dawn, by Fig&me

Yesterday was one of those afternoons. Or at least I like to think that Nouveau will always remember it as such. Wouldn't that be something? Special moments to us, be able to etch them in the memories of those we love? I ask for much I know, but I do think she was mesmerized by the play of insects flying in the dawn hours, and the joyful laughter of children around us.

Antique crochet head band, by Fig&me

Sitting on her pretty bench, by Fig&me

Sweet Nouveau in the garden, by Fig&me

Nouveau is a very pensive girl. Not melancholic, not taciturn, not sad, but pensive. Every time I look at her she is lost in some faraway land, dreaming parts of the many books she reads. I wonder if she pictures herself as the hero, or the villain; the village girl, the fair maiden, the temptress? I know she wishes to become a librarian one day, to be entirely surrounded by the printed word; and who could blame her? Books have been close friends to her, growing alone in a dark studio, illuminated by one small window and surrounded by piles of fabric, glass jars with leather buttons and spun cotton mushrooms, tissue paper with white polka dots, drawers with scribbled patterns and bags of endlessly tossed elastic, boxes full of wool and baskets with balls of yarn, threads on the wall, scissors stuck inside a tin pail, containers with czech glass beads, rose quartz in a little bag, vintage books on sewing, and endless piles of dresses in progress.

Wooden garden bench, by Fig&me

The books she chose to read are all adventures. I suppose sitting in a corner of a doll maker's studio must be a little boring, although the dolls passing by must have kept her company. Instead of complaining the lengthy process of her creation, she chose to dive inside the pages of magical enterprises: a trip to India with nothing but a bag on your shoulder, an expedition into the amazon jungle to discover  new species of tree frogs, an excavation in the south of Mexico to discover another ancient calendar, the lives of children in a suburb of New Jersey, the thoughts of a Hutterite woman. All adventures of the heart, and the soul. Nouveau lived these books and became a pirate, a baker, a healer, an astronomer, a nerdy student, a voluptuous mother of three who loves to serve her children ice cream every Sunday, a little bitter girl who discovers a secret garden. Reading to her is like breathing, something you just do. Finding herself inside a story is not a dream, is part of her life. Is like meeting people and making friends.

Vintage linen pillows, by Fig&me

Sweet Nouveau, by Fig&me

Nouveau would love to continue reading all her life. She is looking for a home who will give her such opportunity. Who will allow her to be part of the family life, especially the reading aloud. It doesn't matter wether your family reads fantasy novels, or classics. Wether picture books is where you're at, or you like to read garden sagas. All she wants is to dig herself a corner in the memory of someone else, and stay there, surrounded by her books and her thoughts.

The longest hair, the pretty eyes (Fig&me)

A Mannikin doll, by Fig&me

Nouveau will be available for purchase via auction tonight. It will run for two hours and at the end, she will calmly make herself a cup of tea, sit down by the darkened window and contemplate the life full of adventure that awaits her. She is brave, she is ready. If you would like to read about her construction and items of clothing, please visit this LINK. I hope you consider offering her a little corner of your world, and please know that participating in her auction will bring her great joy. 

A hopeless romantic, by Fig&me

Thank you for coming to read about her. I am proud to have met her and to see her come out of my hands. See you all tonight!. 

The girl of my dreams, by Fig&me

Our garden

Our garden

In the garden