Our garden

Did I ever, ever think that I was going to wish for a potager garden in my life? Never. Did I ever think I was going to wish to have chickens, homeschool my children, live outside the city, tend to flower beds, and make dolls for a living? Never, in my wildest dreams. Almost every single aspect of my life is the exact opposite of what I envisioned for me. Yet, life truly knows better and little by little has guided me into this wonderful adventure I am living. 

We finally made the garden plot happen. It is a very simple, utilitarian garden for us. Nothing really fancy in its design, as we went easy on ourselves with this one. I think there was another vegetable garden here at some point, but it was used as a garbage dump and burnout pile. The rocks and weeds were of disproportionate heights. We tamed it all, and this is what we got…with the muscle and dedication of the husband of course. We just sat pretty and watched. 

So far the girls have witnessed and lived this: clearing a plot of weeds, why they are so strong and vibrant, what do you need to till a plot, how hard it is to shovel dirt, and carry rocks, why do you need to dig posts so deep in Canada and that cedar has some unique properties, how to scour yard sales and kijiji for building materials, why the need to protect the garden, why some plants go on spot and others on other, where is north and south in our garden and how to tell this very easily, how to seed carrots, what basil smells like when fresh, why do we need worms in our soil and why the poop of the chickens is one of our best friends, how to mix cement and many other things. It is as much a learning experience for them as for me. We visit our little plants every day, we watch them, we hope they grow strong, we can't wait!. Nature teaches us patience in such a marvellous and rewarding way. Now we just need to keep Luna from tramping on everything and we are set! (she has gotten water hosed a few times but I am afraid to say she loves it!!). 

Posted on June 11, 2014 and filed under our life.