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Our new hood

Our new hood

Excitement is a small word to describe what me and my family feel right now. In about four weeks we start moving our belongings to a new place. A small (I really don't want to think about how much I need to downsize my life again in order to fit in there) charming house, in the outskirts of the city, with a fabulous small barn, a work shop for my husband and a huge yard for my children to grow strong. 

Plans are being dreamed faster than I can write them down: hens and maybe a larger pet (a dog, pigs, sheep, ponies and even frogs or ducks are being suggested by the various members of this crazy family)  to practice animal husbandry, a small dyer's garden for me, a canopy to sew outside and enjoy iced tea, a vegetable and herb garden for the husband, a tree fort, a zip line for the children, etc. Like I said, excitement is indeed a small word.

That gigantic maple tree is already adored by everyone in this house. My littlest one wants to climb it desperately, the oldest one wants to hang a hammock or swing from it, I want to stare at it, and my husband is drawing inspiration by the minute from it.  

Although the possessions and life style will have to be very much altered from now on, I think in the end this is a fabulous move. We will have to learn to live with much less stuff, in the smallest living quarters so far, but with the biggest yard ever. We will have to learn to live with less internet-based entertainment and browsing but more time spent outdoors gardening and living. Having my husband working from home is going to be very good for all of us, especially since he is in charge of the cooking! (yum!!). 

And while my sewing room will be downsized yet again, I fear not. I think it will be very good for me to have to concentrate not only space, but time and effort. There will be a place for me to have a sewing room, and I plan to make it beautiful.  

I have also regained my most trusty ally in surviving the cold canadian winters: a wood stove. So I hope the extra pounds gained by sitting too much and driving everywhere around here (having lost the lake right around the corner of our old house up north), will be quickly lost by chopping wood, piling it, lighting fires, tending gardens, mowing, and even perhaps feeding chickens. 


Can you tell how excited I am? Now, if someone could come and get rid of all this extra stuff for me, and pack the remainder and move it, then I would be entirely happy. As it is, I am faced yet again with the cumbersome task of deciding what is essential, what needs to be stored, and what has to go. I might even have to do a few "studio clean-up" sales. Let's not get crazy yet.

More to come this week as there is a very pretty dolly here with me who is dying to come and meet everybody. Hope you had a nice weekend. 

Do not worry, we will use our fingers!