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I have finished Mina's trousseau. So technically, Enid has no need to be here with me anymore. I prolonged the sewing as much as I could, taking time to enjoy the nice weather, to read books, to sew little bits here and there. Oh! but the buttons took forever! I kept telling myself to justify my own tardiness. But Enid loves it here, she is having so much with Eva! was another common self-explanatory conversation. All of this in my head of course.

Knowing Mina's mother and new family, well...I knew they are used to my crazy antics. I wasn't worried about them freaking out on me, they have always allowed me more than plenty of time to say good-bye to my creations. In this case, I took way longer than usual. And as if saying adieu to Enid wasn't painful enough already, I also have to pack Mandy Lou. The horror people! the sheer horror!. 

Enid has a plan though. She has written the most comprehensible article known to figlettes, explaining advantages and all sorts of positive outcomes to this whole trousseau lending system: good karma, special treatment, endless supply of garden treasures (to be acquired as soon as she gets her hands dirty in some dark soil), etc. I am certain Mina doesn't stand a chance against her wit and resourcefulness. This one is crafty, and determined to wear these frocks again. She even volunteered to lend her very own gardening overalls. So that means a lot!.

It is with a heavy heart that I retire to my humble sewing room, to find proper boxes, lengths of ribbon, spun cotton mushrooms and pretty postcards, the accoutrements de rigueur for sending my dolls away. I need to say good-bye to these two dolls and I just don't want to. The rain pouring down my windows is a welcome reprieve of the unbearable humidity and heat, but I find that it mirrors my heart: waters full of life on a grey day. Don' be too sad for me, I do have other dolls here that will sure brighten up my days. 

Our new hood

Our new hood

Flowers and stripes