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Flowers and stripes

She woke up with the brightest smile this one. It makes my heart sing to see her so happy, and so ready to meet her new family. While I will be a little sad to see her go (I hate putting the dolls inside boxes...I wish I could bring them in my arms the whole way and hand-deliver them to their families), I am very happy for the house that will welcome her, and foresee many hugs and many smiles and many squeezes for her in the future. 

Instead of going with a linen bonnet (I just wasn't feeling it...she seemed already too dressed up with her dress and pretty shoes) I made her a soft knotty hat. She has quite a fuzz-ball of hair, and I think the hat will help to keep it tidy, at least when she goes to bed. I also think that babies should have hats like this most of the time, and since it matches her pyjamas, well...I think we have a winner.  Her velour diaper is also ready to contain any nasty surprises!.

Her outfit is made with organic cotton jersey, and Liberty of London interlock in a pretty ditsy floral pattern. Pearl snaps, a handy pocket (for a cherio...for a soother...for a sleepy friend...) and a bear-shaped appliquéd on the bum makes this sleeper my favourite so far. It is very comfy and she does look quite happy wearing it. 

My apologies to her Mom, as yesterday in my over-excited fervour I misspelled her name and I don't want to give Mandy a complex. Her real name is Mandy Lou. She is ready to go home now, so we will spend some time hugging and singing her nursery rhymes, wrapping her up and saying good-bye. 

 Thank you to the family that allowed me the chance to see this doll come out of my hands.

I am very grateful for the opportunity to meet Mandy Lou. I hope you enjoy her for many years to come.


Soft and tender