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Excuse me, while I wipe my drool...

Little puff sleeve, with red ric rac, wooden bead necklace and polka dot bow.

 ..Off my face! I knew very darn well that as soon as I started adding all the finishing touches to Arwen Edwina's wardrobe, that I was not going to be able to stop taking photos. One of the reasons why the "Fig&me 5 year Celebration" is kind of on hold right now, as one cannot be helped by fall madly in love with elf babies. Believe you me, I tried.

Don't look at me with those big brown eyes!

Little details of baby clothing.

But I can't even see!

These big floppy toadstool hats are one of my favourite things I've made this year. By far. Satya, Molly and now Arwen Edwina are the proud owners of one. The simplest thing to sew and yet the results amp up the cute volume through the roof. This one is made with cotton velour (interfaced so that it would hold its shape), appliquéd white jersey spots and a generous band of cotton ribbing. It fits so snuggly and she loves watching the reaction it causes on people that come to visit. This doll is a bit vane I think.

Arwen sits all pretty by the window.

A ladybug on your diaper!

Mesmerized by the birds outside.

And I mean, who gets to wear matching spotty mary-janes? Elf babies! I do think my husband has given up on me. He has this very strange look he gives me, when I am come screaming into the living room, and flash red toadstool mary-janes at him, or when I giggle uncontrollably due to a floppy mushroom hat. But, I mean, he is quite used to it. It is the same excitement he has to deal with, while in public I scream at the sight of a fly agaric on our walks through trails (people come rushing to see wether I need help or something!). Poor man. He didn't see me coming.

Pretty neckline for a pretty doll.

So this is Arwen Edwina's summer outfit. I have shown you her sleepy outfit, and her summer get-up. Now I need to put the final touches on her Winter ensemble and she should be ready. My husband is preparing something quite grand for her, and due to a hand injury he is working a little bit slower than usual, which gives me more time to play with Arwen. So I can't complain at all. So now, toadstool girl in arms I go away to face the day. We have to make the proper introductions to Ninu and Joni. Expect photos of the trio soon. 

Three little monkeys

A Fall baby, if I ever saw one.