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A Fall baby, if I ever saw one.

Arwen Edwina (we always call her by her full name, baby elves don't like things short) is a Fall baby. Not only because she loves acorn soup, pumpkin purée and roasted sunflower seeds, but because she quickly disappears in the colours of the Fall. You have to be very careful when you take her outside, otherwise you risk losing her amongst the rusty leaves. 

Today it stopped raining (dear heavens, thanks!) but for a minute, and we quickly took her outside. The girls disappeared with Dad, and Arwen Edwina and I got to spend some time together. I tried showing her things, but who am I kidding, she knows the forest much better than I do. So I mostly observed and listened.  

My girls had a giggle when they realized I made ear holes on Arwen's hat. I insist on babies wearing hats, but she has very pointy ears and I don't want her to be uncomfortable. Something tells me that she needs her ears out in the open in order to listen carefully to children stories and to bird songs. That's my excuse anyways. I think she looks quite cute with her elf ears poking out. 

She is very curious, this one. But loves to nap too. So one of her outfits is this sleepy set, made of doubled jersey (recycled), very soft and muted, with pearl snaps and very wide ribbing to allow for snug fit both on sleeves and legs. It also has a very wide ribbing band on the waist so it doesn't crush her waist with those leaf diapers she is wearing. Oh dear…I forgot to take photos of her diapers! The cutest thing I tell you. Perhaps tomorrow. Now I must put Arwen Edwina to bed. Good night, sleepy head!. 

Excuse me, while I wipe my drool...

Through the looking glass...