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Through the looking glass...

That's how we feel we came upon this elf babe. Like we found her with a bit of magic and a bit of luck. Wandering through a padded forest floor, looking for more pine cones and acorns that we know what to do with, screaming excitedly when mushrooms sprang under our feet, we felt we were on the path to something wondrous. Our wildest dreams came tumbling down on us, when perched sweetly on a mossy branch, munching atop crunchy linden branches and drinking fresh spring water, there she was: Arwen Edwina.

I envisioned elven babies to be something waif-like, almost see through. Well, they are quite fat and do not look fragile at all. They are loaded with smiles and mischief. I see trouble in my near future. I can hardly wait for this baby to show us all her tricks…and yes, to introduce her to Ninu and Joni. What a crew! Hope you enjoy the weekend with a little bit of magic and a little bit of mischief too. 

A Fall baby, if I ever saw one.

Looking forward, looking back.