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Soft and tender

Do prepare, this post is photo heavy. I have been containing my eagerness to show this little munchkin, out of selfishness and pure evil. I just wanted her all to myself for a few more days.

Every time I look at her face my heart does a double flip. Some dolls just come out too good to be true!. Did I really make her? I keep asking myself. Did that face and those arms, and that sweetness really came out of me? Can't be true!. 

This is one of her two outfits: her party frock, we call it. It does come with a bonnet, but she was too excited to come and say hi (well, babble mostly) . She is also not wearing her diaper, because the doll maker dislikes making diapers and is taking as long as possible to cut the fabric (velour) which is required for it. She also has a pretty funky and sweet organic cotton sleeper, and some pretty mary janes that go with her dress.

But dear me! I haven't introduce you to the poor girl! Her name is Mandy Lou (**I made a mistake yesterday...too excited writing all about it...this is her real name!). She is a custom weighted baby doll, who happens to be the first baby with ears (and a few other changes, like bigger eyes...). She is weighted with glass beads in her torso, and her arms and legs are quite floppy and all over the place, which allows her to be dressed quite easily and to be posed in very funny ways. Mindy Lou doesn't necessarily like to be posed in such funny ways, but she understands that I have lost my marbles and I do find it hilarious when I play with her this way. She is a very good baby, almost ready to start her toddlerhood, but in the mean time loves to eat mushy bananas and orange popsicles.

(the hand-knit bonnet she is wearing was a loan from Eva, who stole it from my daughter's baby clothes. Eva is a rascal and we are used to her antics. Mindy Lou smiled when she borrowed the hat, and looked at me longingly...perhaps prompting me to finish hers!). 

So please forgive the over-excited doll maker, for having waited so long to show her, and for the torrent of photos that are coming in the next few days as I finish her hat, and her diaper.

I am absolutely, madly, wildly, hopelessly...in love with her. 

Flowers and stripes

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