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Three little monkeys

My birthday flowers, Fig and me.

Three little monkeys, by Fig and me.

Three little babies, in their diapers. By Fig and me.

I wanted to sit them side by side, to snap a photo that will probably not happen again for many, many months. Three babies all at once, what a dream come true for me. I took many more, but those are for my eyes only. Photos that help me realize how incredibly blessed I am to be able to make my little dolls come alive. As the week starts spinning out of control with crazy long to-do-lists, and the piles of unfinished items stare at me reproachingly, the threads hanging from clothes abound, the embroidery stitches that call my name every time I walk by the fabric stretched out in a hoop, hoping to get finally finished…the dolls that continually dance in my head and make my hands so utterly itchy, I sit just for a little bit and look at the ones already finished. Ready to say good bye and jump gladly in those brown boxes, with an eager smile to meet the loving hands at the other end of their journey. We shall have some tea first, the day has just started!.

Five years of love, giveaway number 1.

Excuse me, while I wipe my drool...