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To say good bye

Saying good bye to my dolls is something I always abhor. I wish it was easy, fun or exciting to pack them up, but it is not. I do try to gather strength to be able to write a little note, to get excited about wrapping them and to picture the smile and joy at the other end of the box, once it's opened. Those little things fill my heart with a little bit of  happiness, but then I look at my doll, and to put her(him) inside a box, knowing that I will never have them with me again...ouch! I just don't like it. 

Amelie is finally ready to go home and meet all her sisters. I think she is also a little sad to say good bye to the apple trees, and the funny chickens. But I know, even though she tries to hide it, that she is in fact very much excited about her starting life. She tries to look a little somber every now and then, as to not hurt my feelings, but I can see the twinkle in her eyes, the eagerness to pack her clothes, the silly giggles with Eva. I don't blame her, or hold it against her of course, but some days I do wish I could keep each and every single doll I make and never have to say good bye to them. 

Good bye my sweetness! Thank you for showing me that kindness and gentleness always work to our advantage; for teaching me how to work with alpaca locks, and to (ehem...) appreciate its flavour; for giving me the chance to work slowly, ever so slowly, on you, and to see who you are. For playing with me and accepting to be measured so many times!, for talking to my daughters and letting them know your secrets, and for trusting that I would be able to grow up just a little bit more, to have the courage to say good bye to you and to continue on my journey with a smile, not with sadness. I can promise you that all this love you have bestowed upon me will come back to you tenfold. There is someone waiting for you with so much to give you, so many play dates, so many friends for you, that I know you will never feel lonely or sad or bored. Have a happy life and don't forget to write! 

Miss Polly and Little Molly

The velveteen coat