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Miss Polly and Little Molly

Molly and Polly are sisters. They love each other but they can't stop fighting some days. Polly had a tendency to boss Molly too much, and being the youngest sometimes is just so hard. Polly takes care of Little Molly, makes sure she wears proper clothes and that she didn't put them on backwards, she also reminds her to brush her teeth and comb her hair. She is very nice, very attentive, but some times Molly just doesn't care for all that loving.

They are both 17" tall figlettes, made with a lot of care and natural materials. Stuffed firmly with wool, embroidered features and fuzzy mohair caps sewn to their heads. Polly wears a cotton grey blouse with centre pleat and puffed long sleeves; a dark grey cotton pinafore; a pair of cotton bloomers with elastic on legs and waist and red wool mary janes that close with wooden buttons. Polly also wears a little kerchief/bandana in red polka dots and a little short sleeve, blue wool cardi that closes with a mushroom wooden button.  

If you would like to bring Miss Polly home with you, please fill your details in the form below. We will receive entries until tomorrow at 9 PM EST and then we will select a name at random to proceed to purchase Miss Polly. Her price is $425 USD plus postage charges to where you live. She will travel with full insurance and tracking number. 


If you would like to bring Little Molly into your home, she will be available via auction starting today at 10 PM EST and ending tomorrow night at 9 PM EST. Please follow the link to see her auction listing.  

Little Molly available via auction

Whichever of these two sisters you decide to open the doors of your heart and home to, we want to say thank you! And we wish you all good luck. We will see you all tomorrow!.

Thank you so much for such enthusiastic welcoming of these two little sisters! Miss Polly was really excited to see so many families holding their door open to her, and Little Molly is beyond excited to have found a home where she will be loved by such generous people. Thank you all, from the bottom of my heart, for all your support and your kindness. Your words fill my heart with happiness tonight, knowing that both Polly and Molly have found their new families. Good night!. 

But please, don't forget my hat!

To say good bye