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But please, don't forget my hat!

The cool morning prompted Little Satya to go and gather firewood. Albeit rather early to light the wood stove, she seems to believe quite the contrary. A few sticks here and there, lots of yellow fallen leaves and a mushroom or two were discovered, appreciated, talked about, gazed upon and we moved along. 

-Do you think this stick would be good for our fire? she asked. 

-I think so Satya, why don't you carry it under your arm while I go feed the chickens? says I. 

After tending to the little chickens, Satya and I decided to take a little tour of the surrounding gardens. She seemed very interested in hearing about the changing season, the trees losing their summer green and putting on some fancy colours on, to welcome the Fall. Her eyes would twinkle at the words apple butter, cinnamon toast, warm milk...I think she was a bit hungry this morning.

Those cheeks of her do need constant feeding, so we went inside to get something yummy going before the family wakes up. Nothing like the sweet smell of a rich mossy soil, peppered with the spicy scent of mushrooms growing, to get your tummy rumbling. 
The weather sure is changing I thought. It won't be long before I can start making slow simmering soups and dressing dolls in plaid and tweed. In the mean time, I better feed this little doll. Have a nice weekend!.

 Satya is a 17" tall figlette, that is waiting for a few extra items of clothing she has requested. The boots she is wearing are made with italian cashmere and they make me feel happy today. It's all in the small pleasures I tell you.

Satya, and her amanita hat

Miss Polly and Little Molly