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Such a wild ride.

Two little sisters, by Fig&me.

I mentioned at the beginning of February that I had fallen in love with a photo of two little sisters. Daughters of a long time customer and friend, I felt such an urge to turn that inspiration into two sweet little dolls. I asked permission but I was granted said permission on the condition said dolls would be going to live with the real little girls. I agreed of course because I really, really wanted to make them. I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to do it, my schedule is filling up with cranky dolls who are starting to argue about who gets to come to play first, but I finally talked louder and said "Enough little dolls, I want to make the set of sisters and that is that!. Everybody has been quiet expecting their turn.

Now, of course I know that was mighty sneaky of me. This set wasn't a custom spot. The mom of these girls didn't even ask for the dolls to be made, I didn't ask her any questions about what she wanted for hair or clothes, and went and made all the choices based on what I was initially inspired by. It has been very hectic indeed. On one part I know the dolls are going to her daughters one day, when they are a little older to be able to play with them; on another hand, the urge to create them as I see them in my head might not be technically close to what those little girls are or enjoy at the moment. Such a fine tight rope walk I have been all this week. Swinging from trying to create them according to my vision, and swinging from wanting to please. I have literally been almost in tears all week, from emotional exhaustion and things that haven't gone exactly right (dropping ink on a doll's leg, make it again…drop some other stuff on it…make it again…argh!). Such a wild ride. So worth it.

Figlette sisters, by Fig&me.

Once those faces come out from the fabric I took such a deep breath. My vision was there, but so where the girls. My perception of them was there in those perky ears, in that mischievous smile, but so was the inner vision I had of the dolls. Such a wild ride. So worth it. 

There are still myriad of details to be added, belly buttons to be made, bums to be sculpted, hair accessories and shoes. Clothes that need ironing, a little bit of lace over here or over there. But for now they sit in their silk shawls and ask me questions about the home they will be heading: is it warm? would we get to play often? who lives there? do they love chickens? who makes the food? how far are we going to travel? Knowing that they are traveling together makes me feel a bit more comfortable, but putting them in a box gives me anxiety. Every time a doll is sent away a part of me is in limbo. Such a wild ride. So worth it. 

Baby Alpaca and silk shawl, by Fig&me.

Big sister in her pretty shawl, by Fig&me.

Now if you will excuse me, I have clothes to make. Hopefully it won't be a wild ride!.

Doll dressmaking.

Another beginning.