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Doll dressmaking.

Dolly boots made with love, by Fig&me

Oh, the pleasures of executing your vision…or not! I had a completely different plan for their boots, which tried though I tried just din't work. I will save myself the embarrassment of publishing the horrid experiments and instead leave you with the actual progress I made in the doll clothing department. The dolls are very happy. 

Pink dotted ruffles…by Fig&me

One pair in linen, one pair in man-made suede, by Fig & me

Yellow gingham lining, by Fig&me

As for the dresses? Well. We made some progress. Here is Lilybug wearing hers. She asks a lot of questions and hides things from me while I am working on her stuff. I am being told her Mother once found playdough in the sewing feet of her machine courtesy of Lily, so I better keep a close eye on this one. I don't want her to follow her namesake's footsteps. There will be roaring!.

Lilybug in her patchy dress, by Fig &  me

Little peeking ear, by Fig & me

And a cute closeup of her ear, because that's how she likes to wear her hair. She's so cool like that. Now, tomorrow I will bring you Hailey's dress and I suppose, that's all folks! At least for tonight. There is a mess on the floor that has the indecency of calling out my name.

The two sisters.

Such a wild ride.