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Sweet Kilda: the youngest sister, natural fiber art doll ready to play.

After Skye and Iona came Little Kilda, the jewel of my crown. Kilda is a natural fiber art doll ready to find a family of her own, but please first read more about her.

Little Kilda, a natural fiber art doll made with love by Fig and me (inspired by Scotland).

The last of my three Scottish dolls, I present you Sweet Kilda, as I have come to call her. Her nickname has evolved over these few weeks I have been working on her, as she was born as 'Stubborn Kilda', then "Kilda Patootie' (when she only had hair and no clothes), then evolved into 'Little Miss Kilda', until I finally gave in to her sweetness and called her 'Sweet Kilda'. With those eyes and that beautiful expression there is just no better name for her. 

Kilda shows off her pretty tartan and tweed dress. Kilda is a natural fiber art doll of the 20" tall variety, made with love by Fig and Me.

Kilda discovered snow outside this morning, by Fig and Me.

And lots of windfall rotten apples, "such a shame" said Sweet Kilda, who wanted to bake apple crumble. By Fig and Me.

She was starting to get a bit anxious, especially when saw me pack Skye and Iona away. I could see out of the corner of my eye that she would fiddle with the yarn, pick a few buttons and then lay it all out for me, giving me clues. "Oh no! I just don't have time to finish your cape Kilda, I must take the girls to dance lessons today", I would give as a petty, but truthful excuse. Another day. The button neatly laid, the yarn a-waiting. "Oh no! today happens to be theatre class, and we have to head out early to buy some groceries", kept being the handy excuse. Another day. A few more days. The bows all sewn, the bonnet right next to the pretty feathers Grandfather gave her. "Oh dang it! Abuelita comes to visit this week and we must clean the house top to bottom" was the best excuse I could come up with. 

Kilda shows off her tartan and tweed dress, by Fig and Me. 

Kilda in the garden, by Fig and Me. 

The stars aligned however, and I finally had the time to sew those buttons and turned that collar. To fluff the gathers and sew her bows. Armed with wooly beret and cape, we headed outside. She had heard so many stories from other dolls in the studio: from Poet and Anya, Fox and Polly, Egg and Seraphita, Tonja and Kelly, Skye and Iona. They each re-told their adventures to an eager girl, who listened patiently with an expectant smile. When will be her day outside? To meet those ducks? to see the garden? to find the scary path to the dark woods?. 

Kilda, a natural fiber art doll by Fig and Me. 

Kilda, a natural fiber art doll by Fig and Me. 

First thing she did this morning was to prop a stool against the wall, right under the big window, and toddle up. On her tip toes and messy hair she glimpsed the great outdoors: no rain, she thought. That must be a good omen. She doesn't like to take us outside when it's raining. But…wait a minute...what's that fuzzy white stuff on the ground? could it possibly be…snow? Dear lord, I don't think I can wait until she gets up. I must go outside now!.

Kilda goes looking for the ducks, and she finds them. By Fig and Me. 

Donning her sweet beret and her wooly cape, she went outside. Opening the door every so softly so I wouldn't hear her sneaking out. Tip toeing across the deck, she went and opened the door for the fluffy ducks to head outside. She gave them food and a little water, and wondered wether they would be cold walking over those patches of snow. Not at all, but I wasn't there to reassure her. 

Kilda, a natural fiber art doll made by Fig and Me. 

Kilda spent all morning walking behind the ducks, wishing she could grab one and stick him under her arm to bring inside. She wondered if the ducks were educated enough to hold a decent cup of tea. She hoped they would at least sit quietly as she read through story time. Kilda wished and hoped to seize one of those silly ducks and that's exactly how I found her. Sneaking behind them and tossing after them. "Sweet Kilda, you will never catch one, they are so fast" I said to her. "But they look so soft and fluffy, and they must feel warm, and I won't hurt them, I just want them to be my friend". "Of course you do little sweetheart, but you're nearly frozen, so let's go inside" I told her with my gentlest voice. I provided comfort in my arms and back inside we went. As I carried this little ball of goodness and innocence, a symbol of childhood, I wondered how was I ever so lucky to stumble upon doll making. While there is so much violence and heartache, so much pain, ignorance and suffering, there is also light, and goodness and truth. The world has always been full of opposites, light and dark. Warm and cold. Sweet Kilda reminded me today of all days that even when days are bleak, there are fiery rays of sunshine.

Sweet Kilda, a natural fiber art doll ready to play, by Fig and Me. 

As you probably already know, Kilda is the youngest of a set of three dolls I have made inspired by the mythical lands of Scotland. I decided to immerse myself in its culture, landscape and history and see where such road would take me. While I never intended to create 'original' 'authentic' Scottish dolls, my homage to this land will stay very close to my heart. I seemed to have acquired an even deeper appreciation for this magical piece of Earth, and hope to one day walks its many glens and see its craggy shores. Kilda is the last, the youngest, of this set of dolls and she is hoping to find a home where she can bring just a little bit of cheer with her impervious eyes and her innocent heart. 

Kilda is a 20" figlette doll, made with Swiss jersey and stuffed very firmly with wool. She has mohair yarn for hair, and embroidered eyes. She comes wearing a pretty ensemble consisting of:

- Organic cotton, double-knit jersey top, with cashmere ribbing and snaps.

- Sleeve-less short dress, made with wool tweed and gathered tartan skirt, lined with cotton chocolate stripes, closes on back with snaps as well. 

- Jersey underwear with elastic on waist and legs.

- Baby cotton socks.

- Hand-knit chunky wool tall boots, adorned with leather straps.

- Double-breasted wool cape with circular collar, lined with tartan and adorned with two front navy blue buttons. The cape closes with snaps.

- A lambswool beret, with a unique design, adorned with feathers and a tartan bow. 

Kilda is a doll recommended for a child 6+, or an adult collector, that can handle her with gentle care. Her price is $975 USD plus postage, taxes apply to Canadian residents. Shipping charges estimates: $30 USD to Canada/USA, $85 USD International. Kilda hopes to find a family where she can take active part in story time, and maybe caring for a pet or two. If you think you can open the doors of your home to this little girl, please enter your details in the form below. I will leave the form open until Sunday November 15th at 9 PM EST and proceed to select a family at random. Please only enter if you are personally interested in bringing Kilda home. Payment is due upon invoice receipt.


Sweet Kilda, a natural fiber art doll ready to play. By Fig and Me. 

Kilda and I will enjoy Sunday, making many slips and wishes, drinking hot chocolate and reminiscing about all these weeks spent together. Kilda will ask many questions about the place where she will be headed, so please don't be shy and let us know a little bit about yourself, so I have something to tell her come Monday morning when she wakes up. Thank you so much for your patience in waiting for Kilda, and for your kindness in opening the doors of your home to the work of my hands. We shall wait and see what luck may bring. See you tomorrow.

Follow the fall.

Follow the fall.

Iona and Skye, two natural fiber art dolls from the lands of tartan fields.