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Follow the fall.

Follow the fall.

I realized I never shared my Fall adventures here on the blog, and I know a few of you look forward to my yearly Autumn extravaganza. So please, brew yourself a nice cup of tea and enjoy this little walk through my neighbourhood woods. 

The girls decided to "dress themselves up", which around here means donning the knitted clothes, wearing skirts and scarves. This is not their usual get up when we take the dog for a walk, but it was fun to walk through the woods looking fancy. They also asked me to bring my camera, so I think they had something in mind. These photos were taken a couple of weeks ago, when our world was tinged yellow and it was an absolute pleasure to be submersed in the beauty of this time of the year. 

I hope you have the time to let each image wash over you. Some days I do just that, I go over blog posts that have especially touching images for me, and I submerse myself in them. It's like having a mental shower, like dusting the cobwebs of daily worries and tribulations. While we enjoy daily wooded walks, and I can literally see the effects on my children and me, it is also nice sometimes to just reminisce. 

I love how under all the dying leaves you find little spurts of green. Stubborn little plants who are not giving up just yet, ferns and clover, and especially all the moss is thriving with these temperatures and moist environment. It is really such a wonder the way nature moves through the year, the rise and fall of plant life cycles. We don't see many animals in this patch of forest we visit, but we have a keen eye and have found proof of their presence.

I have shared a few of these images over on Instagram and my last newsletter (which I hoped you received!). So if you don't follow me over there at least you didn't miss these beauties. Speaking of the newsletter, it took me a wee bit longer than usual to send it because I had to sit and really pour my heart into that one. It felt like such a definitive thing to come to terms with, and even though some of you wrote back telling me I sounded a bit sad, I do feel like it's the best path forward. I will start next year with a cleaner slate, hopefully with increased focus and ready to tackle such big plans.

I seriously feel like seeing these photos, and witnessing every little detail, makes me calmer. I've always had an affinity for fall colours and weather, I think because I was born in October and this season meant merry and presents! hehe. Now  it is just the best season for me, if there is such a thing. I love each distinct season up here in Canada, with the wet but promising Spring; the hot (no, really! I am from Mexico, I know hot!) summer with its humidity (we live very close to the Great Lakes) and wildflower abundance; the slow descent of Fall and the amazingly beautiful and stupefying cold winters. Each season is so marked, and we go through them very slowly. I've lived in areas when you can only really have two, or maybe three seasons, and now that I know what it feels like to have four, I am not giving it up. The endless summer or the 8 month winters are not for me.

Some days I feel like the constant sharing of dolls and their needs takes too much out of people's time. I do hope that I took a lot of your time today, by making you witness with me the beauty of nature. I really hope you had time to deeply immerse yourself in these images, this beauty I felt it was truly worth sharing. It is my simple wish that you enjoyed them. 

The little ones are going home.

Sweet Kilda: the youngest sister, natural fiber art doll ready to play.