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The little ones are going home.

And yes, they have been here with me all along. Most people know how 'special' I am when it comes to holding dolls hostage while I finish this or that, or how I like to say: "they like to stay here a wee longer to meet more dolly friends". It's all good people, these two are going home.

Tonja and Kelly, two natural dolls ready to fly home. They are wearing their second outfits, 80s style. By Fig and Me. 

Tonja and Kelly are two custom 20" figlettes, which I finished a while ago. There was still the issue of a few buttons, little blanket stitch on the shoes, reddish knees to kiss. Things of such nature. There was also the need to make for them a second outfit, something a bit more fitting for the hot texan weather they will enjoy the rest of their lives. So, with the same "era" in mind we went about selecting fabrics and colours, and fancy styles and here they are. 

Kelly and Tonja, two natural fiber art dolls ready to meet Mom. By Fig and Me.

Kelly and Tonja, two natural fiber art dolls ready to go home. By Fig and Me. 

Kelly and Tonja, two natural fiber art dolls ready to play. By Fig and Me. 

Tonja got a pretty summer dress in a sweet pastel peach colour, with drop waist, puffed short sleeves, sport neck and front mock placket. A matching vest lined with the same cotton of her dress, which also complements her fantastic jeans with rainbow suspenders. She is just so sassy like that. 

Her brother Little Kelly, most precious fellow, got a new shirt and shorts with a fancy puffy jacket. I smile so much seeing them together. I love to make sibling dolls, and I do feel better when I pack dolls away and there is 'someone there' with them to keep them company on their journey. Call me old-fashioned or plain cookie, but that's just how I feel. 

Hugging your sibling is one of the best feelings, by Fig and Me.

I will pack them home just like this, hugging each other. Oh! it is so nice to finally be able to send them home to their mother, who has been so patient and I'm sure is waiting for them with arms wide open. Hold tight little ones, Mom is going to cover you in kisses!. 

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